It Is Official: Here Is The New iPhone XS


It Is Official Here Is The New iPhone XS© 123RF

Finally, this Wednesday Apple revealed its new list of iPhones and introduced us to many new versions of the iPhone X model that come in many configurations and sizes.

The iPhone XS “iPhone 10 S” has a 5.8-inch screen, which makes it the new version of the middle-size smartphone of Apple, with a price that starts at $US999. So if you are interested to purchase one, the pre-ordering will begin this Friday. But if you can wait, then this new iPhone will hit the stores on September 21.

Since Apple has been keeping up with the usual “2-year” product cycle rhythm, the XS is basically an update to the iPhone X of last year with nearly the same design.

In Cupertino, California, and during the launch event on Wednesday, Apple executives revealed a list of the new improvements and features, including faster photo capture, longer/better battery life, and a dual-SIM capability that allows the new phone to use two different phone numbers.

The new iPhone XS comes in three colors: Silver, Gold, and Dark Grey.

According to Phil Schiller, the marketing head of Apple, this new version of iPhone was constructed with as much as 512 GB of storage, which means it can save 200,000 photos.

Plus, there is another version of the iPhone XS that is larger and it is called the iPhone XS Max (6.5-inch screen).

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