10 Of The Most Famous Hackers In The World (And What Happened To Them)


10 Of The Most Famous Hackers In The World Hackers  White-hat hackers  Gray-hat hackers  Black-hat hackers  dangerous   the US Department of Justice  the Digital Equipment Corp computer security   Mitnick Security Consulting  LLC  Jonathan James  International Space Station  ATM  credit cards Kevin Poulsen  MySpace  India  Australia  Syria  the largest military computer hack in the history  Robert Tappan Morris© YouTube

As we learned from cartoons in our childhood, whenever there is good, there is going to be bad, and since we are living in the era of internet, we somehow expected to not find anyone “that” bad since all that is offered is an easy access to all information and fast communication with anyone in the world.

It turned out that our expectations were wrong because the internet gave birth to people who want to do harm and take advantage of others in ways only a few people can understand.

However, you should keep in mind that hackers are not all bad, because there are:

White-hat hackers: They improve computer security.
Gray-hat hackers: They are just hacking for fun.
Black-hat hackers: They do nothing but harm!

The last ones are the most dangerous, and as history has shown, people have been the victims of the “black hatters” many times, and all of their stories went missing. If you are curious to know what they did and where are they today, then keep swiping to meet 10 of the most famous hackers in the world.

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