5 Most Powerful Apps That Will Protect You From Malicious Viruses


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Nowadays we use our cellphones for almost everything; we order food, set up appointments and even book rides. Many apps are now available on iPhone or Android devices that make our normal day to day tasks far easier. However, one of the things that we do while using our phones and that can cause serious threat is banking operations.

It becomes usual to enter our personal credit card information in a mobile app or even have the official bank’s mobile app installed; through which we control our account. Even worst, we add our credit card information for payments in social media, which have proven many times their inefficiency in protecting the users’ data.

People now run more sensitive operations through their phones than before, and we are expecting the level of sensitivity to keep on increasing dramatically.

A study showed that around 63 % of phone users use their phones to log in online, a third of which use their phones primarily when they want to have access to the internet more than their computers. Moreover, banks report that the number of people using the bank’s official apps is increasing.

What most people are not aware of is that doing their banking operations through their phones can lead to serious cybersecurity threats and the results of which can sometimes be irreversible. We have the tendency to perceive our phones as fun devices on which we can surf online, do a couple of tweets and share pictures on Instagram.

However, our phones could ruin our lives in ways we cannot imagine. Hackers might attack your phone and steal all of your personal information through malicious software, and then use them in so many ways.

You may think we are asking you to go back to Stone Age and start dealing with your bank by paper, but we are not. All that we are asking is that you take precautions and do whatever you can to protect your most vulnerable information from being stolen and used in ways that can harm you.

Thus, when you are doing your credit card payments online or paying for an item on a public Wi-Fi access point, your information can be less accessible. We will help you achieve that by providing you with 5 applications that can help you protect your cellphone from possible threats.

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