How To Tell If An Amazon Seller Can’t Be Trusted!


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Amazon has come a long way since it was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. What was then an online marketplace for books initially called Cadabra operating from the garage of Bezos’s three-bedroom house in Bellevue (Washington), is now the world’s largest online marketplace, AI assistant provider, and cloud computing platform – and since 2015 the most valuable retailer by market capitalization. completely redefined retail and changed the way we shop forever in the course of just a single generation. With over 100 million Amazon Prime members, consumers all over the world now do a great part of their shopping activities online and trust companies their private data such as home address, personal information, shopping habits, and credit card information. Amazon shipping also changed consumer expectations for the entire online retail industry: if Amazon can deliver products in under 48 hours, so should everyone else – or at least that’s what most Prime members seem to think.

If e-commerce as a whole has achieved the status it currently has, it is in great part thanks to the efforts of Amazon. No doubts about it. But the system has a few flaws and like always, some vultures will quickly show up to try to take advantage of those same flaws. Here’s everything you need to know to avoid falling for common Amazon scams.
How does Amazon market work?

As you know, Amazon sells all kinds of different products from every category directly to buyers.

In this case, the purchase process is completely safe and the probability of occurring any problem with your order that Amazon’s customer service can’t solve is almost nil. The company is known for its excellent return policy and for quickly solving issues with carriers.

However, Amazon also makes its platform available to third-party sellers. And there are tons of sellers on Amazon, from individuals and small shops to large retailers. It even allows sellers to provide used and refurbished goods.

It is precisely in this multi-leveled e-commerce strategy that things can go wrong. Below we will show you how malicious people can try to scam you by providing a list of common signs that usually tell that a seller can’t be 100% trusted.

Here are 4 clear signs an Amazon seller is not trustworthy:




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