How To Screenshot Instagram Stories Like A Pro


How To Screenshot Instagram Stories Like A Pro© Pinterest

Recently, Instagram added a feature that will protect people’s privacy but also forbid them from saving other people’s stories by notifying users when someone takes a screenshot of their story. If you did it, you will be marked by little circle next to your name in the Story views section.

Taking a screenshot of an Instagram Story doesn’t need to be influenced by a bad reason. Your intention was to just save a beautiful picture to use it as wallpaper, or you really like a photo of a family member/friend and you want to keep it in your phone.

Also, you want to purchase a specific item that was featured in that story. In any case, there are many innocent reasons, but to screenshot a story will always make you look like a creep.

Thankfully, there are many sneaky ways you can do it without getting caught. Click on Next to discover them all




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