Here Are The 8 Things About Cars Only Professional Drivers Know



Cars are like kids, and nobody knows a kid better than his or her parents. This applies to cars as well. Nobody can understand your Mercedes car better than you do. Despite this, many drivers meet their final destination while driving their vehicles.

When hearing about stories like these, the driving experience does not sound much fun. But this should not spoil your Porsche driving experience as long as you follow the driving directions.

If you want to ensure your safety and security, try to get as much as you can of tips from professional and experienced drivers; slight details regarding your engine light, car battery and the likes can change the way you drive or take care of your Audi or BMW.

You might be spending money on things your car might not be in need of. Car experienced drivers are experts in such matters, as they have been driving for years and know exactly what a car may need, how and when. Let us find out more about this in details in this article.




Car battery does not have to be likely replaced all the time

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Instead of asking how to change a car battery, ask about whether you should or not in the first place. Whenever people face any issue in their cars, the first solution that pops up in their minds is changing the car battery.

The root of the issue is often in the wires of the battery. So why would you spend money on a new car battery replacement if the situation can be managed by a simple trick?

The problems of the wires of the battery could be corrosion, and the solution that some experienced drivers resort to is Coca Cola.

Just pour some on the wires, but if the issue is far more complicated, you might use the advice of a mechanic. In case you have to change the battery, make sure you get a new one for your Acura or Buick car.



Checking that you have enough oil is more important than preserving the cleanness of the oil

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For many people, car driving is a hobby and a profession. They understand the needs of vehicles and know how to react to each car issue they encounter. Knowing what your car needs will save you from the crash of cars and other dangers you are exposed to in the course of driving.

Before you ignite the engine, check whether you have enough oil for your car or not. Some experts suggest to get the essential oil for your car every 7.500 miles; some others claim that you should do so every 3,000 miles.

Don’t be concerned with the cleanness of your car’s oil as much as you should be with getting enough fuel. If you don’t want to run out of oil and end up in a deserted place, always check the fuel tank before you hit the road. You can stop by a fuel station on your way.



Paying attention to the brake pads’ rust

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On your way to a gas station, you can stop by a mechanic to run a comprehensive inspection of your car. This way you can decrease risk rates of car accidents or other car-related problems.

Your brake pads should be paid exceptional attention, as they can become easily super rusted. The screeching sound of the brakes at a certain point might push you to think of finding a brake pad replacement as a solution.

But before seriously considering the brake pad replacement cost, consider treating your front brake pads or back ones to get rid of the rust. The whole process requires some blasting, scraping and brushing.



Paying attention to free inspection

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We all get excited when we hear about anything free, but be careful, for free things are not always safe. Usually, you listen very carefully to the professional opinion of your mechanic without being skeptical at all.

But be prudent because you may be dealing with the kind of mechanics who are likely to create more problems instead of fixing the already existing ones. This applies to when you take the car for a free inspection as well. What should you do in such situations?

Well, if you are told that certain parts of your car need be replaced, then ask the mechanic to show the part in question and demand explanations. This way you will not be spending your money and be scammed by your mechanic.



Not asking the mechanic to rotate the tires of your car

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As technology is marking new advanced levels, self-driving cars and smart vehicles will likely invade the streets soon. Cars will be then equipped with GPS tracking devices and other tech tools to make car driving easier.

But until this happens, let us deal with the issues of traditional cars. If you want to rotate the tires of your car, it is better not to ask the mechanic to rotate them for you.

You may mistakenly think that rotating the tires will improve the car’s speed, but some experts say it does not. Ask about what are the best car tires before you purchase a car. If you have to change them, then use at least chalk to mark them to ensure they were rotated.



Dropping fear, checking the engine light and avoiding using special additives

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While driving your car, you should pay attention to whatever appears on your dashboard. The check engine light might pop up while driving to notify you of what is happening in the gas cap.

When the latter is not fastened as it should be, the outcome is having oxygen breaking through the gas line. The design of your car is the determining factor of what it is going to surface on your dashboard.

Moreover, the use of special additives to boost the performance of your car is not recommended by experienced drivers. Your gas tank and engines get, in fact, special additives when filled with engine oil and gasoline. This is all you need to get from gas stations.



Improving driving skills by taking online driving courses

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Have you ever played any driving games on your phone or any other digital gadget? Even more, have you ever tried extreme car driving simulator? The concept of having a driving course at a driving school is old-fashioned.

Besides, what you learn there for while will not help you improve your driving skills. Experienced drivers state that online driving course can add a lot of things to your driving experience.

If it has been a while since you sit behind a wheel, online driving courses can help you in refreshing your mind to take the driving experience to the next level.



Avoiding car speeding

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We are aware of the amount of excitement you feel when you watch a car race video. But be cautious, for speed kills and car racing on TV is not as really as it is in reality.

If you want to avoid having a car crash and wish to stick to what you learned from your driving safety course, then abide by the speed limits when driving. There are places where relative speeding up is permitted by law, but again it is limited.

The odds of getting in trouble with the police and having a car accident go high when you speed up. No matter where you are heading, consider your personal safety. If you are about to take part in a road trip and drive for long distances, then schedule a good timing to hit the road early and arrive on time without breaching the car speed laws.



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