Own One of These 9 Cars and Look Rich Now!


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Cars are statements about us; what kind of statement does your car give out to the world? Say, for example, that you don’t own a car yet and would like the statement to be: I’m rich, people! Therefore, before you invest in one, you want to be careful what car you buy. You want the best of cars, period!

As you would love to look to look rich, you’ll be happy to know that there are cheap cars that make you look rich. You don’t have to be rich to look the part.

A little cunning from your part and some help from us, and you’re set to go. Used car lots are filled to the brim with such cars; you just have to be willing to put in the effort.

So please read through this list to know about the 9 affordable used cars you can buy that will make you look rich in the eyes of everyone who’s going to see you riding them. They are the best used cars you can spend money on!


Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W140)

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The S-Class series has been synonymous with luxury since its inception. Mercedes-Benz certainly had its eyes on people with bigger pockets when they envisioned this one. Bruno Sacco was behind the iconic design, and Mercedes still produces cars with variations on the same design.

The engines of the S-Class cars are powerful and the interior is comfortable and luxurious looking. So if you want to look the part of a rich person, then a used Mercedes S-Class car was made to help you out.

They are strong and were built to last for years and years. The German car-maker wasn’t playing around when it built this car. People will certainly mistake you for a wealthy person if you’re not.

BMW 7-Series (E38)

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This legendary car was featured in a lot of action films, such as Jason Statham’s “The Transporter” and “007: Tomorrow Never Dies”. This car is easy to handle and has a very strong engine, which made it a great choice for filmmakers.

However, if you’re not into too much action and speed, then it will do just fine for you. The E38 is a testament to an era in BMW’s history that is characterized by strong, aesthetically pleasing chassis and some wonderful, efficient steering. You will feel as if you were riding a BMW 3-Series, and you’ll certainly turn some heads!

Porsche 911 (964)

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A Porsche 911 is sure to turn heads no matter the model or year it was made. Porsche certainly made this car for speed. It has multiple wins on the record, except in Formula 1 races, and is very iconic in the sports car world.

It is no longer expensive to own; it has long fallen under the category, “cheap sports cars”. 911s are no longer used for racing, but they remain a great addition to your already-awesome personality.

You can buy a fine looking one on the cheap and save enough money to customize it according to your taste and have it speak volumes about you.

BMW M3 (E46)


Yes, another BMW has made it to this list! That’s only natural, as the German maker only makes quality cars, which age like fine wine!

This car is quite when you want it to be and roars when you feel like it’s time for roaring. It has some of the most effective sequential manual transmission systems in the world, providing irrefutable proof that such a system is the one every company should adopt within a sports car.

Take out your wallet and look for the closest cheap used cars dealership and get you one of these beasts. You’ll certainly look rich!

Range Rover (2004)

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Everyone in the world craves one of these. Moreover, every rich person on the planet is sure to own one or two range rovers—the latest model, of course!

The iconic design hasn’t changed much since it was first introduced to the market, so if you buy an old, used model, people are very likely to mistake it for a newer model. And that’s what you want, right!

They are very big and comfortable from the inside, and driving one is a breeze. The V6 Diesel model, interestingly, is very economical, so pick it instead of the V8 and you’re gas budget won’t take a hit!

Austin Healey

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If you find an Austen Healey for sale near you, then don’t think twice about getting one for you. Just do it—especially if you’re looking for something special that will increase your chances of looking rich to people.

Austen Healey cars are small and convertible; however, they are a little bit slow. But that has never been an issue. You are not just investing in a sports car; you’re buying a luxury item. The only thing to keep in mind is you have to take very good care of it.

Pretend it’s a baby that needs constant attention and care. People will certainly notice your efforts, and they will discuss you for a long time.

Maserati 4200 Coupe/Spyder

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The name alone does the trick! M.a.s.e.r.a.t.i: it fills the mouth and people’s eyes as it passes by them.

The Maserati 4200 Coupe and Spyder are two models that will go easy on your pocket, if you decide to buy them, and will make people ask about the identity of the driver behind the wheel, which will be you, of course!

Behind the car, stand years and years of Italian craftsmanship, so you won’t waste your money if you decide to buy it. There’s one way in which you could take a hit in your budget—it’s gas. These two models aren’t very economical. They consume gas like crazy!

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

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The Silver Shadow model was produced in large quantities by Rolls-Royce. The availability of this car has made its value drop with time, which is good news for you! Rolls-Royce cars are designed to go fast all the while staying quite. The Silver Shadow model is no stranger to this philosophy.

Moreover, you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing some of the greatest interiors ever put in a car. Gas consumption might put a small dent in your finances, but nothing that will deter you from buying this beast. So act fast and introduce some luxury into your life. People will certainly notice!

Jaguar XJ (X300)

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This model, or any of the older ones, will do the trick for you! Their value drops down with time, so by now, they are very cheap to buy. What these cars compromise for in price make up for in design and build.

The Jaguar X300 is the king of them all! Steering one of them feels like a breeze; you won’t have any trouble driving it at all. The interior is wrapped in leather and has a lot of wood; both are other elements of the luxury you’re looking for.

So shake up your bank account and spare some cash to buy a car that delivers the luxurious experience for which you’ve been craving for so long.

So yeah! This has been it: a list of 9 old cars you can buy now to make you look rich. Drive wisely: buy old cars, not expensive new ones, and start turning heads.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below your favorite car of the 9 featured in this list.


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