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Using Gmail, to most people around the world, is as straightforward as drinking water. Many of them joined Gmail a long time ago and have been using their Gmail account to an extent that allows them to say that they are actually well-versed in the use of this email client.

However, to what extent is that true? After all, it takes more than a long time with something, such as a free email client, to become well-versed in it; one would require a will to delve into the unknown reaches of one’s Gmail account—creating a Gmail account and barely scratching the surface by using it just does not cut it.

For that reason, we’ve decided to write about some tips and trick that you might have known existed in your Gmail account. After you finish reading this, you will indeed become well-versed in, arguably, the best email client in the world. And if you don’t have one, you will rush to set up a Gmail account.

#1 – Use Two-Step Verification

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Since you know how to create a Gmail account, you went ahead, opened the website in your desktop browser, and created a Gmail account.

However, have you enabled Google two-step verification? If you have not, you need to take some time to do so; and you should never turn off two-step verification! You Gmail security depends on it.

This feature—which every company tries as hard as possible to convince its customers of enabling it—will save you the hassle of having to mourn your stolen Gmail account.

When you enable two-step verification, no hacker will be able to access your Gmail account, even if your password has been compromised. The hacker will need the code that gets sent to your phone for him or her to gain access to your account.

#2 – Block Spam and Unsubscribe

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Spam email is one of the worst kinds of email that you can get in your inbox—or your spam folder for that matter! There goes a while, after you initially create your Gmail account, in which you don’t get spam email.

However, there comes a time in which your inbox starts to get bombarded by spam email. In that case, you start looking into how into block spam email.

Managing a Gmail account requires as much, and you need to be able to unsubscribe, for example, for the newsletter in which you’re not interested (click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email); or you can report spam email (the kind that does not offer subscribe button) from the menu at the top-right corner of the email (three-dot icon).

#3 – Filter Emails

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Using a Gmail account entails that you know how to filter your inbox. This should be done all the time, especially if you expect to be receiving emails from a specific party—it will help you find those important emails without having to lose them in that massive pile of unread emails.

This can be accomplished very easily from the Gmail account settings. This is how to filter emails in Gmail (create email filter):

Go to the settings menu (gear icon at the top right corner and click settings), click on the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab, and then click on create a new filter (you’ll find it right at the center).

You will be prompted with a form that is pretty self-explanatory, which will allow you to filter emails according to a number of criteria: size, subject, sender, etc.

#4 – Undo Sent Email

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You probably did not know that this feature existed (if you did, kudos!); in your Gmail account, you can undo sending an email. There is a catch, however—you have to do it within 5 sends of sending the email. There is a possibility of prolonging that period to 30 seconds, which will allow you more reaction time.

After you make a Gmail account, make sure that you go to the same settings menu we told you about in the previous tip, and under the General tab you will find a section named Undo Send which will allow you determine the window of undoing a sent message (5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds).

#5 – Smart Compose is Your Friend

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Gmail started offering the Smart Compose feature some time ago, and we love it! We think that you should definitely make use of this feature while you’re composing your emails, if you want to save time.

When you open a Gmail account, you will find that the Gmail Smart Compose feature is enabled by default. Make sure that you don’t disable it, and use it to get suggestions while composing your email.

This feature makes use of AI technology to predict what you’re going to write. If you find the suggestion to your liking, just click the Tab button on your keyboard to accept it.

#6 – Get Notified about Unread Messages

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Sometimes, you send messages and they don’t get read at all. However, there is no way for you to find out that. However, Google got you covered with its free email client.

If you delve deep enough in your Gmail account settings, you will find a method that, once set up, will allow you to get notified about any unread messages.

To enable this feature, head over to the same settings menu we’ve shown you before. Under the Advanced tab, you need to enable the option that says Unread message icon and click save changes to make sure that what you did will take effect.

#7 – Receive Money through Your Gmail Account


If you own a Google Pay card, you will be happy to find out that Gmail has Google Pay Support. You can use your Gmail account to ask people who have Google Pay to send money they owe you. This feature is available for Gmail for Business and for regular Gmail accounts.

Therefore, to increase your Google Pay balance, go to Gmail, pick the person you want to get money from from your Gmail contacts, and write them a message requesting the required amount form them.

All you need to do is click the $ sign at the far right of the menu under the email composing area, which will open your Google Pay account and create a safe link for you to include with your email.

These have been the tips that we think you need to master in order to have a smooth and productive Gmail experience. Therefore, you need to keep this in mind whether you already have a Gmail account or you’re about to start a Gmail account. And always remember: block spam email; you’ll feel at ease!

Before you go, tell us your favorite Gmail trick!



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