10 Useful Apps That Will Make You Smarter


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We should be brave enough to admit that we are strongly attached to our smartphones. Unfortunately, the majority of us have even become addicted and can hardly imagine their lives without these smart devices.

However, what might be really surprising is that despite the ongoing debate on whether smartphones lead to the downfall of society, deteriorate neurons, rots the brain cells, and affect the short-term memory, there is no hard evidence that proves that your phone habits may be bad for you.

In fact, there are many interesting ways that your smartphone might actually be useful and good for you. For instance, there are many websites that will make you smarter and apps too.

Luckily, free app makers have created many useful free apps that help your brain, boost its power, and improve your emotional intelligence without having to put down the smartphone or tablet. These apps are considered to be fun and best brain apps that will expand your brain and memory.

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