These Are the Top Hidden Features in the Apple Watch



When smart watches first came out, there wasn’t much that they could offer. The most appealing thing about them was their novelty, and people were eager to get their hands on one of the best smart watches that the market had to offer at that time, be it the best fitness smart watch or the best regular Android smart watch, and they did not care about the smart watch price tag!

Fast forward a little bit, and we find that Apple has been offering great smart watches for quite a while now!

It first started with the Apple Watch Series 1 and it is still going on with the recently released Apple Watch Series 5. The new Apple Watch is considered one of the best smart watches of 2019, offering the best Apple Watch apps and Features.

In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the hidden features of the Apple Watch, be it an old Apple smart watch, such as the Apple Watch 4 or the new Apple Watch 5 Series. Make sure, therefore, that you read the full article.

#1 – Take Screenshots

If you want to brag about an awesome app that you have on your Apple Watch, you can do that by simply taking a screenshot of what is displayed in the Apple Watch Screen.

On your Apple Watch 5, for example, you can take a screenshot through the following process: hold down the button that’s on the side of the Apple Watch and just tap the digital crown.

Your smart watch, of course, will give you feedback: the screen will flash and you will hear a sound that resembles the sound the shutter when it moves. Of course, this is applicable in all of Apple’s smart watches, even those that came before the Apple Watch Series 4. (duh!)

#2 – Cover the Watch to Silence It

Say, for example, that you’re about to go into a meeting or that your favorite movie is about to start, and you don’t want your smart watch from Apple to cause a distraction—that is to say, you want to silence it.

Well, you can do that pretty easily. This is the process by which you can silence any Apple Watch you might own: take your hand and put it on top of the watch, the new Apple Watch 5, for example, to cover it entirely.

Make sure that you keep it covered until you feel watch buzz, which is an indication that silent mode has been activated.

#3 – Find a Misplaced iPhone

If you lost your Apple iPhone inside the house—be it the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8, the iPhone X, or even the iPhone 11—you can easily find it if you have your Apple Watch paired with it. To find it, therefore, here is what you can do: swipe up on the display of that Series 5 Apple Watch of yours to access the control panel.

Since your iPhone is already paired with the Apple Watch, all you need to do is tap in the iPhone icon that is displayed on the control panel to cause your misplaced iPhone to make a noise.

This feature needs Bluetooth to work, meaning that you need to be within close proximity with your iPhone for you to locate it successfully.

#4 – Change Default Replies

If you don’t like the default replies that come bundled with your Apple Watch, you can easily change them. To do that, you need to take your iPhone and go to the Watch App. Once you are inside the app, you need to perform the following: go to My Watch, then tap on Messages, and then go into Default Messages.

Once you’ve gained access to that section, you will be able to see all the default messages and swap them with new and improved messages. This will help make the messages that you send from your Apple Watch less monotonous.

#5 – Talk to Siri

Of course, the Apple Watch allows you to talk to Siri in the easiest way possible. If you want to have a talk with this awesome digital assistant, all you need to do is say “Hey Siri!” No need to click any buttons—it is that simple!
All you need to make sure of is that one of the many Apple Watch faces is activated. Next time you need a little chitchat with Siri and you don’t want to get your Apple Watch dirty (say, for example, that you’re cooking or gardening). There are some features that make the Apple Watch cost justifiable.

#6 – Share Your Location

If you happen to find yourself in a situation in which you need to share your location, you can do that very simply through the smart watch app for Messages on your Apple Watch. You can do this when you’re texting someone on your Apple Watch by simply pressing and holding on the screen until the button that says Send Location gets displayed.

When you tap that button, your location will be instantly sent to the person whom you’re texting. This way, he or she will get to know where you are and come meet you for that coffee you agreed on over texts.

With the Apple Watch 5 release date behind us, learning about these features has never been more pertinent—except, of course, with previous releases of the Apple Watch. True, the Apple Watch price is a little bit high, but the best Apple Watch apps make it worth it.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below if you consider buying the new Apple Watch Series 5.



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