10 Of The Best Games That You Can Play When Bored


10 Of The Best Games That You Can Play When Bored© CNET

When days are long and time is passing by so slowly, we get caught between the nails of boredom that keeps scratching our bones strongly to the point we become desperate to do something… anything!

The first thing you will be checking is your phone and all the social media, but we know that they feed boredom even more. So what should you do? GAMES!! Oh yes!

We have gathered for you many games that will satisfy all tastes and ages. Plus, you can play them on Browser, Mobile, and even TI-84 calculator games.

Don’t worry, future engineers and architects, we have got your back. So if you need a distraction, these 10 games are definitely going to entertain you. Are you ready?

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Duet (Mobile)

© YouTube // AppAdvice // iMore

Here are all the things you will experience when you play Duet: You will find it simple to play, but very hard to master. There are many obstacles and an incredible chill step. Plus, the narrative is deceptively complex along with a soothing voice of an Australian woman.

As you are playing Duet, you will discover through the woman’s ASMR discussions that she wants you to see how you can deal with the five stages of grief. So if you want to zoom out of life, you can just play this hard and best mobile game ever.



Slither.io (Browser)

© TechMoka // Youtube // slither io hacks

Have you ever dreamt about being a rainbow-colored, glowing caterpillar? If yes, then your dream is becoming a reality. You basically become one and then you go collect orbs in order to grow while avoiding other people’s caterpillars.

In case you touched another one, you will die immediately and turn to orbs that you were just feasting on. This game is basically teaching you how deaths can help sustain the universe. So if you are bored, just become a caterpillar and start easting the orbs to become bigger and glow brighter!



PinOut (mobile)

© Wired // SensCritique // Android Central

Everything you need to know about this game could be explained in two words: Neon Pinball. The game was created by some really cool people because it has some crazy 80’s color palette and an amazing soundtrack. The special thing about this pinball table is the fact that it is endless.

You will lose hours trying to get that ball where it should be, and after a lot of fun and a few curse words, your phone battery will die and you will end up wondering how you messed the sunrise.



Marvel: Contest of Champions (Mobile)

© Droid Gamers // YouTube

Do you want to see Iron Man beating the “bleep” out of Deadpool? Your chance is here, baby! The game was designed perfectly for the times you want to fill the void of having too much free time and not enough energy to go outside.

There are millions of different modes in Marvel: Contest of champions to play through. So at some point, just remember to turn it off and go outside for a walk. There are hundreds of unlockable characters and many playable missions to get you through your day.



Ultimate Flash Sonic (Browser)

© YouTube // Waouo.com

The Ultimate Flash Sonic is the Sonic Advance: Student Edition, which means if you miss out on Game Boy when the world was still in the middle of technology class, then you can experience it all by playing this bad boy. There are 4 playable characters and 2 different zones, so just open a new tab right now and start having fun.



Lara Croft: Relic Run (Mobile)

© Pocket Gamer

Who doesn’t know Lara Croft, right? But we are living in a time where infinite runners are an overdone genre, but honestly, this game is one of the bests out there and it is becoming everyone’s favorite.

Lara Croft: Relic Run is an enjoyable game that comes with diverse environments, including dinosaurs and motorcycles. So if you are looking for some cinematic flair that will help you kill time, then this is the game for you.



10 Bullets (Browser)

© YouTube // Google Play

If your boredom can’t be satisfied unless you caused hundreds of destruction and explosions, then 10 Bullets was made for you. The rules to play this game are very simple: You have 10 bullets, and if you used them all, the game will be over.

Obviously, you have a goal to achieve using only those bullets, and if you timed everything right, you will be granted with more bullets. In conclusion, you will have so much fun and boredom will be forgotten.



Wordscapes (Mobile)

© PiePure.Com // google play

If you want to kill your time and feed your brain at the same time, then you should download Wordscapes. It is an easy game where you can make out words from 5 to 7 letters.

The first levels are very easy and realistic because all the words will be within the limits of your vocabulary expectations. But at one point, you will hit the levels 600 and 700, and that’s when Wordscapes will start to become insane!

Well, give it enough time and you will understand what that means. After all, the game will sharpen your vocabulary and you will start to look extra smart around your classmates and friends.



Doom (Browser)


Well, nothing can be better than the original Doom, a game that you can punch, run, and shoot only. It is the first game that started it all: Call of Duty, Halo, and Destiny. If you want to get a close up on how people killed time back in 1993, then this game will totally take you there. Honestly, it is unbelievably fun that you will not notice how long it is been.



Geometry Dash Lite (Mobile)

© FrAndroid // WallStock

Right now, you are just bored. After you play this game, you will be pissed, twitching, energized, screaming, excited, and a nervous wreck. Technically, you will be anything but bored because you will be playing as a shape that has to bounce across some dangerous 2D landscape. One small mistake and you will start over from the beginning of the song.

Eventually, you will understand each tune and slowly you will be corresponding levels better. Just prepare yourself to be haunted by this game for months, and years to come!



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