Here Are The 10 Best Video Games Of 2018


Here Are The 10 Best Video Games Of 2018© Pinterest

This year, we have welcomed many games that were based on monumental foes like monsters, gods, colossi, and mountains too. Also, we are still looking forward many games that are on the horizon (Red Dead Redemption 2, we see you!).

So, from a young woman falling tenderly in love to souls in peril that exists in a mysterious dark fantasy, here are the 10 best videos games of 2018, so far!

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God of War (PS4)

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A story of a tired, old God named Kratos who goes with his young son on a journey to scat the ashes of his dead wife. This game allows players to rejoice in the power fantasy of breaking through an antagonistic world like a god-killer.

Sony’s Santa Monica Studio astonished us all when it was willing to take one of the foremost charms of the masculinity problem of gaming and use it as a thoughtful reflection on generational cycles of violence and fatherhood.

However, the adventure is visually spectacular and very absorbing. Plus, the touching story comes as a real surprise.



Celeste (PS4, Switch, Xbox One, Mac, PC)

© Polygon // Game Wisdom // DualShockers

Celeste’s gameplay mechanics are absolutely punishing, but thankfully, there is a reason for the pain, a very good one! The failures on this game occur frequently, and they are meant to lead the player into quitting. But the satisfaction of winning in each challenge and the emotional resonance of the story are worth it.

Celeste tells the journey of a young woman towards self-acceptance, which is beyond beautiful, and that makes the game both tough and balancing. As you are playing this game, you must remember one important thing: the voices inside your head are NOT right when they tell you can’t do this!



Shadow of the Colossus (PS4)

© ArtStation // PlayStation

A mysterious man who is driven by the desperation of grief goes on a journey where he slays colossi and implores mysterious gods in order to resurrect a person he loves deeply. It is an extraordinarily well-done game that has proved to be a masterpiece.

Shadow of Colossus is an update of another version from 2008 in PlayStation 2. The graphics may have been improved to their best form but they still maintained the essence of the game.

If you want to increase the fun and danger, play it on the VR… You may end up walking into walls, though.



Monster Hunter: World (Xbox One, PS4)

© GameVicio // Red Bull

The Monster Hunter series was always more popular in Japan than it is in the United States, but for a good reason, this version found a large amount of western audience. Setting up a camp in a far-off land, and then hunting the local wildlife is the description of an epic and aggressive fantasy that will boost your adrenaline and make your heart race.

Also, with the lively player population, you will always find someone around who is ready to help you. Apart from all that, do you know what the best part is? Crafting armor for your cat and watching kitties cook you dinner. I mean, that could never get old!



Florence (iPhone)

© Apptopia // Lost In Mobile

A 25-year-old Australian-Chinese girl with a bob haircut named Florence Yeoh. Her dream of being a professional watercolorist was buried, and her relationship with Krish Hemrajani is getting heated. The interesting thing about this game is the main theme, which is love.

It is something that’s rarely discussed in games for practical reasons. In general, this is a simple love story of two young people, under which deeper subjects silently pass, like shadowy whales.



Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (PS4, PC)

© Press Start // GameVicio

Ni nu Kuni 2 is a colorful Japanese game that is based on fantasy and a cat-eared boy-king who is dreaming to build his own kingdom. Honestly, it is irresistible and can attract your attention easily with its colors, nihilism, and violence.

This game is your way of understanding how to establish a new world order that is filled with happiness and free from wars. But, you will still need to go through many battles to achieve that. In general, this game creates a world that is refreshingly satisfying to get lost in.



Far Cry 5 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

© Voxel // Nerfando

There is not much improvement from the previous games of the Far Cry. But the first time you play it, you will notice that it is a chase, you are nameless, and you are the one being pursued. But then you will be satisfied when you camp out with a bow in the brush and discreetly plant headshots one by one.

The graphics are extremely improved, as well as the control functionality. However, always pay attention to the skunks because they are capable to ruin you over!



Into the Breach (Mac, PC)

© Geekzone // Subset Games

Into the Breach is another intelligent concept from FTL developer Subset Games. It is a charming, lunch-break-friendly game where mechs fight aliens in order to save humanity (the irony!). It strips away the over-complexity and stuffiness of the game genre, but without eliminating what makes it good and pleasant.

This game’s elegant micro-battles makes chess looks obtuse and flabby!



Iconoclasts (PS4, PC)

© PlayStation Store // M2 Gaming

Once you get tired and sick of retro-inspired stories and adventures, Iconoclasts comes along with a personality that will make you bingeing on it like what kids do on a Saturday morning in front of cartoons. This game wears its old-school form and inspirations proudly, which made it one of the best games.

However, this game may look like something that came from the 90’s, but the actual video games came a long way since that time, and trust us, it is unbelievably addicting.



Fortnite (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Mobile)

© Xbox // Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale is not a 2018 game, but it deserves the mention for the incredible international recognition. This game totally “broke” the gaming world, and it keeps getting better and better because there are new features introduced over time.

It trades the traditional, bland military simulation vibe with an outstanding building system and vivid colors that are not like anything in competitive multiplayer games.

The basic description of this game is there can be 100 players in a large, contently-shrinking map where they need to gather weapons and work on being the last person (or team) left standing.



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