10 Surprisingly Weird Yet Useful Gadgets You Might Want To Buy Now!


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Technology can amaze us. Comparing the first computers to our smartphones, being a tourist in space, or having a driverless car: development and progress opened doors to all sorts of mesmerizing deeds, and they never cease to amaze us.

We must concede, however, that sometimes we can find some weird examples of crazy gadgets. We are here to tell you about the ones that are in the frontier: they are what we like to call weird but useful products.

It is time for us to show you how these seemingly weird gadgets can actually become useful home tools.

#1 – Bluetooth music headband

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Not quite a headband, not quite some headphones. We start this list with a combination of the two products above. The result? A Bluetooth music headband. Because it’s not only about listening to music: it’s about listening to music while doing a difficult task.

If your activities at home or the gym, these may actually become one of those examples of things that seem odd at first but end up being the type of gadgets you need. You won’t break a sweat choosing these.

#2 – Magnetic car mount

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When it comes to cellphone mounts, the choices are endless. However, if you are looking for useful tech gadgets, you should definitely go for a more practical and effective option.

Choose one of the many magnetic car mounts available, and you will get a travel buddy that is easy to set up and can become the best copilot you can have: a GPS.

#3 – Cellphone Screen Magnifier

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It was not an accident that we mentioned smartphones in the introduction of this list. It’s a powerful computer that you can transport in your pocket and hold in the palm of your hand. That’s one of the perks.

However, this can also be its greatest enemy. We present you number three of our weird tools that become useful: a foldable projector.

This will allow you to rest your eyes and amplify your phone screen. It’s light and slim, and it also blocks damaging lights from phones. You’ll order one in a blink of an eye.

#4 – Extendable magnetic flashlight

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These LED Flashlights are one of our favorites from this list. Not only they can help you out finding things in small dark spots, but they will also make you look like a real Transformer when you use their extendable arms. It flexes and molds in all directions, and it’s one of those gadgets that you will see that is always handy.

#5 – Countertop Composter bin

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We live in a season where environmental causes are at the top of our minds. In this list of useful home gadgets, we decided to include one that will be your best ally to avoid wasting any food.

Remember all the meal scraps, vegetable peelings, and other food that you usually throw away? That’s definitely a thing of the past. With these almost magical bins, you can turn all that garbage in natural fertilizer.

Not having a garden or a backyard is no longer an issue: you can place them on your countertop, and these machines will do all the work. You can later use this compost to your garden, to cultivate or to apply in your plants at home, this way saving a lot of money.

#6 – Automatic pet feeder

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Our busy life schedules aren’t only prejudicial for us: our pets also suffer due to the time we spent away from home. In our daily routine, there might be days we arrive later than usual and leave sooner than usual.

This machine can’t give any attention to your beloved pet, but it can undoubtedly provide a healthy and programmed meal. It is as simple as it looks: you can program it in advance to give your best friend a meal with the right portion when they need it.

#7 – Smart lock

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Did I lock the door when I left? Where are my keys? These are questions of the past with this particular gadget. There are smart locks that not only have a size and design that looks cool in your door; they can also allow you to control your door via your smartphone.

Lock or unlock, give permission to people with a digital key to enter, and control who comes in or out – like a home security camera. The future is right at your door.

#8 – UV toothbrush sanitizer

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What’s my toothbrush got to do with this, you’re wondering as you are reading this. Well, we should all talk about our toothbrushes. We use them to brush our teeth, but are we sure the toothbrushes themselves are clean?

They actually aren’t. Germs and bacteria accumulate on them, making them less reliable. The solution? An apparently weird but handy gadget, of course. The UV toothbrush sanitizer is a small case that will get rid of all that within minutes. And it can fit a corded toothbrush too.

#9 – Toilet night light

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Searching for the light switch is a thing of the past. Toilet night lights are here to make your trip to the bathroom safer. It works like a regular sensor lighting, but it’s only in your toilet seat.

It comes with different colors that you can pick and adjust the levels of brightness. It will probably help you save some money on your electricity bills since it’s programmed to switch off once you leave the room.

#10 – Smart mugs

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Yes, even mugs aren’t just mugs anymore. We know that there’s always one that is our favorite: may it be for sentimental reasons or because the design is more appealing, it’s normal that we get attached to specific mugs.

But what if you could get a tech mug that allows you to control the temperature of its content with your smartphone? We bet that it would become your preferred one in no time.

If you like drinking tea, but you don’t want to drink more than two cups a day, think about purchasing a mug that allows you to drink it at the same temperature all day long.



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