The Best 10 iPhone Camera Features For Photographers


Swiping Left For Quick Access To Your Iphone Camera

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Many Youtube videos makers or social media photographers have something like a home photo studio. This is where they can proceed with their product photography and jewelry photography or any other type of photography they usually do.

This is not just a job for them; it is more like what they excel at and like to do. You could be a very talented photographer too, who knows?
With your iPhone, you can take wonderful pics.

But what if you fail to open your camera before you miss the shot? As a matter of fact, entering your password is not needed to access your camera. In case your iPhone device is locked, tap the Home Button.

To open your camera in this case, you will have to swipe to the left. To access your iPhone x wide angle camera, waking up your phone takes pressing the Power button. In case your phone is already on, then you need to hit the camera app icon found on your home screen.

In fact, it is preferable to add the app icon somewhere you can easily reach it. So whenever you see a view that deserves to be recorded, pick your phone quickly and take the pic.

Switching On The Camera Grid

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You can use the rule of thirds to compose your shots on your iPhone device. This rule of thirds is a sort of classically used composition technique.

It is a kind of a guiding option on your device, telling you, for instance, that your shot can be more attractive if you place the camera on a horizon level.

Place your subject on one of the intersections where the gridlines meet. Now, how would you turn on your camera grid? Very easy! Just go to Settings, pick Camera and swipe the Grid options until they are in green.

Once you activate the grid options, the leveling tool is also turned on. Now, this tool assists the photographer in taking level pictures when you use your camera shooting straight down or up.

This is a great technique used in food-photography and still life flat-lays, especially when the shooting session is done from above.



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