How To Protect Your Smartphone From Extremely Low Temperatures!



Tech experts often warn consumers about the dangers of overheating electronic components. The reason why this issue is so commonly referred is that computers and smartphones generate heat naturally: the battery produces electricity, the screen emits light, and the processor transfers huge quantities of data at high speeds.

If something goes wrong or if you push the devices beyond its capacity, it can overheat and slowly damage some internal components. But what happens to your smartphone in the opposite scenario? Can you use it normally in the streets of New York during those harsh winter days when temperatures reach below 32 ºF?

The truth is that just like your smartphone wasn’t designed to function with its components constantly above 100 ºF, it also wasn’t designed to operate constantly below 32 ºF. That’s why it is important to protect your phone against cold weather.

Otherwise, you might start experiencing some issues such as shortened battery life, randomly shutting down, and display smear or ghost. The cold slows the conversion of the stored energy (chemical energy) into electrical energy.

This impact is so huge that at 0 ºF you might experience a 50 percent decrease in battery performance when compared to 80 ºF – the ideal room temperature. That’s why your phone will shut down so fast. Similarly, the cold slows down the movement of the liquid crystals on your smartphone screen, thus giving you a smear or ghost effect.

For all these reasons, you must try to keep your phone as close to room temperature as possible. Here are 4 tips to protect your phone from freezing cold temperatures. Your smartphone battery will thank you…




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