10 Incredible Apps You Should Have On Your Phone!


Last Updated on December 27, 2019


In our days you can find millions of apps in play store or apple store for your smartphone that can make your life easier and more fun.

There are apps for everyone: for those who like to follow social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram apps), listen to music (Spotify or Shazam app), navigate to unfamiliar destinations (Google Maps app or Waze), see restaurant recommendations (Yelp app or Zomato app), among other extraordinary mobile apps to access your email, bank, games, or other service providers.

As you can see, there are apps for every category, and in this article, we will let you know 10 incredible apps you should have on your phone that can make a real difference in your daily life.


#1 – Horizon App – Horizontal Video Recording

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No one likes to watch a video recorded vertically because the picture gets smaller and less quality. The video can be quite funny, but using the smartphone upright at the time of recording will make people lose interest in viewing it.

However, this problem is no longer there and is due to the appearance of the horizon app that, regardless of how you hold your smartphone at the time of recording, the application will record the video in landscape format – horizontally.

For Apple lovers, this is one of the must-have apps iPhone that will completely transform the recording of your videos and your posts on social networks.

#2 – Nu Skin TR90 – Food and Weight Control

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Nu Skin TR90 is designed to promote healthy eating, weight control, and an active lifestyle. It is undoubtedly the ideal app for all who care about their food health and body well-being.

This application allows you to record your daily food intake, use of certain products and monitoring of your physical activity in one tracker. You no longer need to use multiple separate apps to access this information as you can now track your progress through the ageLOC TR90 program.


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