5 Best 2019 Antiviruses to Protect Your Iphone


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Compared to other phones, iPhone devices are known by their high protection against viruses; however, sometimes it is inevitable to get a virus or a malware on your device. Therefore, you should equip your phone with the best anti-malware for IOS protection against anything that causes a malfunction in your phone.

Sometimes, you may enter a malicious website, click on an ad with built-it viruses or be a victim of a web tracker or hackers. Therefore, an iPhone or iPad virus protection app can become handy in such cases. That’s the reason why many companies specialized in antivirus have released applications for virus protection for iPads and iPhones.

In this article, we will provide you with details concerning these apps and how they can protect your mobile phone or tablet that runs on IOS.

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Avira Mobile Security

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Originated in Germany, the Avira antivirus has proven its effectiveness when it comes to laptops and desktops. It is not expected that the Avira Mobile Security will have the same characteristics and the same malware’ hunting capacity of the PC version; however, it contains useful and decent features.

It does a good job when it comes to blocking phishing websites- which can cause several problems on your phone.

Also, it has a great feature that functions as an identity safeguard scanning your email addresses as well as those of your contacts to determine whether they have been leaked on the web or not; and should notify you when it happens.

Additionally, It has an excellent contact backup feature that put protection on your address book, and email you its details; it can even set a backup on Dropbox or Google Drive.

Additionally, it has a very useful management tool that can monitor your memory and storage for the possibility of enhancement, give reports concerning security events, while also including a module for anti-theft.

We highly recommend Avira Mobile Security for its capacity to protect you from different types of danger. It is one of the best apple’s IOS antivirus out there, and the best part is that it is free.



Lookout: Security and Identity Theft Protection

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Lookout is a security app that protects your iPhone using four in-depth protection layers. This complete security app is powerful against common security vulnerabilities such as a jailbroken device or problems in updates. It also checks running apps for possible threats and notifies you in case you may be connected to a harmful Wi-Fi network.

Lookout is also specialized in anti-theft technologies such as tools to locate your phone when lost or stolen, an alarm that can ring even when your phone is on silent mode, it can also make a custom message and it will display it on the lock screen in order to retrieve your phone.

In addition to a backup option to keep your contacts and media files from getting harmed. All the above is provided free on the app.

However, if you want more functionality, you may want to get the premium version for $9.99 (£7.15) per month with improved identity theft protection service. It can notify you if you’ve been a victim of a data breach and your personal information were exposed, monitor social media and help you report losing your credit card quickly.

Amazingly, this premium service comes with 24/7 support in case something bad happens and $1 m identity theft insurance for any repercussions or legal fees.



McAfee Mobile Security

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The McAfee Mobile Security application is a functional app that includes anti-theft technology, local storage security tools for media files, and contacts backup.
It comes with a very handy media vault that keeps your photos and videos safe by hiding them.

Even better, you may take photos and videos directly from the application, and then make sure they got encrypted and stored in the media vault. The later could be opened using your face ID or Touch ID.

Usually, anti-theft features include the same kinds of tools: locating your device on a map, launching an alarm even when your phone is silent. However, McAfee Mobile Security comes with a distinct technology.

When someone is trying to get into your vault, the capturecam on the app can send you an email with a picture of that person. It can even locate your phone and save that location even with your battery is getting low. For people with an Apple Watch, you may initiate the alarm from it to have an easier location.

An additional feature of the app includes battery monitoring that gives you the ability to check on your battery level from your watch, contacts backup –done automatically, and the ability to erase all your contacts in case you lost the phone.

McAfee Mobile Security may not be the most creative anti-malware for iPhone. But for a free antivirus, you get a whole lot of features that make the application worth-downloading.



Trend Micro Mobile Security

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Antivirus protection for iPhone doesn’t only include protection against common viruses in media files and malicious software. It includes also protection from threats coming from the web. That’s why Trend Micro Mobile Security attempts to eradicate all danger coming from surfing online.

It includes built-in filters that can work with several browsers -including Safari- to prevent you from being infected by malicious pages. It also tracks ads and blocks them in order to save your data usage — thus saving on the phone’s battery life- and maintaining your privacy.

Moreover, it includes a mobile app security testing tool that can protect your privacy while logging on Twitter and Facebook, and notifies you with any issues in privacy. Also, it has its own browser that is more secure and guarantees more privacy when it comes to your browsing history.

Even better, it can check your phone’s system configuration for any problems or inconveniences, while a secure QR code scanner allows you to open mystery links. You can also locate your missing or stolen device through Wi-Fi, The Global Positioning System or cell towers.

But in order to get all these features, you need to pay $4.99 (£3.50) per month; or if you want a yearly subscription, you may pay $29.99 (£15). Also, $49.9/2 years. If you are worried about your money and not sure that the premium version will deliver what is promised, you can have a trial for a limited time.



F-Secure SAFE

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The F-Secure SAFE provides one of the best IOS virus protection tools. For a start, it has a browser that can keep you safe while navigating on the web: it reduces the threat of malware-infection by preventing you from accessing malicious websites.

The importance of this lies in the fact that even if your smartphone wasn’t infected, it reduces the possibility of getting another one of your devices harmed. Thus, your emails and media messages will be malware-free when you send them.

Nowadays we run all of our purchases through credit card payments; we even run our banking operations through the bank’s mobile application. This can cause us many problems if we are not careful with the sites we are dealing with.

That’s why F-Secure SAFE checks the sites you visit to notify you if they are “trusted” and you can use your credit card safely in them. You can also have a safe search online with the parental controls’ system, which categories content and omit unwanted sites from the search results.

It can also allow you to set a limit of browsing time. However, it has no authority over other apps and browsers when it comes to usage restriction. So you need to put those restrictions manually by going to “restrictions” in your general settings.

In case you lost your cellphone, F-Secure SAFE has some features that may help; including a phone locating tool and an alarm. However, it has no additional handy ones including data wiping and the ability to remotely lock your device.



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