Here Are The 5 Easiest Ways of Decluttering Computers’ Cables


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Amid the humble beginnings of the World Wide Web, only wealthy folks had access to computers. It is believed that the first computer to be ever invented was as big and large as a room. But soon the size of the computer became smaller and its weight lighter.

As the new millennium broke through, people managed to buy personal computers and even laptops which were not as developed as the present models. Now, information technology is increasingly evolving and so are the tech gadgets and devices.

Some users would prefer a light Sony, Apple or Samsung laptop over heavy personal computers they cannot carry around. Regardless of the tempting features of the best laptops, computers have their own charm and place in the heart.

Many people still have them in their study rooms. The problem you would face when keeping this device is the many computer cables you have to organize. Here are 5 quick tips to help you with that.


Use paper towel rolls to arrange computer cables

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If there is a problem in any of your computer’s cords, you could walk into any computer cable store and grab all types of computer cables which you might need now and store for future use. Over time, you might end up with a huge box of knotted computer cables.

This happens when you store the cords in the wrong way in the first place. You can avoid this by making sure you organize your house as well as your cables’ and cords’ box. You could use old paper towel rolls to stick in the cables in manageable sizes. This is also a good instance of paper waste management.

Use bread clips to label the cords

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The secret of a modest yet elegant home is house organization and tidiness. In fact, simple house organization ideas would turn your house into a warm, super-tidy, and attractive space. This requires paying attention to the slightest details in your home, inclusive of your computer cables.

While working on your computer sometimes, you might have to disconnect a given cable. If the cords are in mess and have no clue which cable is which, you might end up damaging your computer.

Therefore, you can use bread bag clips to arrange the cords. Stick the plastic bread clips to the cables and label each one of them.

Use binder clips to keep the cables together

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If you think that you have enough cleaning tips in mind, it is then time to learn about some house organizing tips. These should be easy enough to find, as you could google anything on how to organize your house, and you will get thousands of results.

Each result is dedicated to how to organize one small part of your home. Our article, for instance, is dedicated to how to arrange messy computer cables. In the same line of thought, you might consider using paper binder clips.

You could pick and attach large binder clips, small binder clips, or extra-large binder clips (based on the width of the cords) to your table’s edge. Make sure each cable’s thinner part goes through the loop of the clip. See how the uses for binder clips are not confined to paper-attaching!

Use a PVC pipe as some sort of recycled computer cable organizer

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Who said you need to contact house organizers service to help you tidy up your home? You can carry out the entire process on your own. You can resort to recycling tips to make tools and items which would help you organize your home.

It takes just some handy hacks and some creative thinking skills. Instead of purchasing an expensive computer cable organizer, you could make one on your own, using a PVC pipe.

You could attach such a pipe to your desk and place through it your computer cables. Instead of throwing away extra PVC pipes you might have recently used in any construction works around your house, you could do some good, metal recycling by using the extra pipes in making a computer cable organizer as indicated before.

Use a zip tie to tie the cables

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With very simple ideas, you could serve your purposes and reduce plastic waste around your house. There are different ways to reduce plastic waste; one of which is using your unneeded zip ties to tie your computer cables.

This hack does not necessitate any hole or wall-drilling. All you need to is laying out your computer cords and binding the latter in a ring. Then all is left to be done is cutting the excess of the zip ties after tightening them. This might be the easiest cable-organizing hack on the present list.

You might not be conscious of this, but hacks like these can save your money, keep your home tidy, and protect the environment from extra, unwanted waste.


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