7 Electronic Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

    Last Updated on March 3, 2021

    Electronic devices have been making our lives easier for a long time. Although they can have a multitude of applications across several different areas, at the moment their importance is reflected above all in the information processing and telecommunication fields.

    These are the so-called “consumer electronics.” Let’s focus on those because if we are being honest, we have to admit that we can no longer survive without our smartphones, computers, TVs, headphones, remotes… well, you get the point.

    Either by helping us perform a work-related or personal task or by its potential as an entertainment tool, these consumer electronics have changed our lives for the better.

    However, sometimes they can be a little bit frustrating to handle. This article covers a wide variety of small tips and tricks that can make your interaction with these electronic devices even easier, or solve some of the most common problems and difficulties that the average consumer has.
    Here are 7 electronics hacks you must know about.

    1. Improve Wi-Fi signal

    Most of the time, your weak Wi-Fi signal is caused by some kind of interference with both your Wi-Fi signal and your neighbors’ running in the same frequency channel.

    To overcome this hassle, download a Wi-Fi analyzer that will let you know which channel to select to avoid this overlap. Now you know what you need to do in order to watch your 1080p YouTube videos any stutter.

    Additional tip: if you want to improve your Wi-Fi game, you should look into creating a QR code for your guests.

    We all know the struggle: you need a somewhat complex Wi-Fi password in order to keep your network safe but then, when you have guests, they will have to pass by a little piece of paper and introduce random numbers and letters to access your network. That’s so not cool.

    There are several websites that let you create a unique QR code with your network information. Then you just have to print it and put it in an easily accessible place. We guarantee that your friends will be amazed!

    2. Improve smartphone battery life

    Sometimes, you really need your battery juice to last throughout the entire day. Depending on your device’s battery capacity, this might be extremely complicated. Here are a few quick tips that can help you out:

    Carry your charger with you: charging your device whenever you get the chance will guarantee that you won’t run out of battery, especially if your device has the fast charging feature. And don’t worry, it won’t affect your battery lifespan.

    Adjust brightness: Are you one of those people who have the electronic device brightness always set to the maximum? Well, no wonder the battery runs out fast. Disable the auto-brightness setting and adjust the brightness according to where you are.

    Alternatively, setting your phone to power-saving mode will automatically set brightness to a minimum and disable a few other power-hungry features. If your battery percentage is really low, the power-saving mode is the way to go.

    Airplane mode: airplane mode prevents your phone from searching for a signal which can be very power-hungry when you are in a remote location where it can be hard to establish a stable connection.

    Some people say that putting your battery in the freezer to bring its temperature down can help you keep it charged for longer.

    However, modern Lithium-ion batteries are supposed to work within a range of temperatures that should not be too high nor too low (and on most recent smartphones and laptops, you can’t even easily remove them).

    If you notice that your cell phone battery is overheating, simply stop using it for a while and it will naturally drop to room temperature.

    3. Take a selfie more easily

    As smartphones get bigger and bigger, it gets increasingly difficult to hold them in one hand, place them at a distance that allows a perfect framing for your selfie, and press the photo button with your thumb.

    For this reason, manufacturers implemented features to overcome this problem. On most phones, pressing the side volume button will take a photo when you have the front camera on.

    Samsung introduced another creative solution: the gloating camera button. You can add an additional shutter button that can be freely moved across the screen and placed wherever you want.

    Additional tip: if you are not yet aboard the wireless earbuds hype train, you can also use the volume button on your Apple’s earbuds cable to take a photo or start recording a video.

    4. Sign an electronic document

    You received a document in your email that you need to sign and send back to the sender? No, you don’t need to print it, sign it, scan it and send it.

    That’s a lot of unnecessary work. Most word processors and PDF reader’s software offer you the option to digitally sign documents or quickly insert a signature that you have stored on your computer or smartphone.

    5. Cable management

    Around your computer. Around your TV. Around your kitchen. Electrical cords are everywhere. You probably even have a loose USB cord peeping over your bedside table.

    We know how organizing cables can be a real nightmare. That’s exactly why most people just hide their cable mess behind a piece of furniture. But there are a few useful and pretty inexpensive tools that can help you keep your cables organized out of sight.

    Cable holders, cord covers and sleeves, cable organizers, cable trays, zip ties, Velcro strips, adhesive clips, and so on. With these tools, cable management is going to be a piece of cake!

    Additional tip: you can fix frayed electrical cords with moldable glue from a brand called Sugru. And it might even be useful for other projects if you are into DIY.

    6. Download Youtube videos

    There’s a very simple trick that allows you to download any Youtube video. Write “ss” before the link and it will automatically open a download page where you can select the desired video quality and file format. Here’s a hypothetical example (Please note that downloading copyrighted material is illegal):

    Original link:
    Download link:

    You can also use keyboard shortcuts to easily navigate through Youtube Videos:“J” rewinds 10 seconds, “K” acts as the pause/play button, and “L” forwards 10 seconds.

    7. Finish printing your documents

    You can make your printer ink last a little bit longer so that you can finish printing the documents you need without having to run to a store to buy ink cartridges.

    Simply remove the cartridge and use a hairdryer to blow hot air on it. This will loosen the remains of ink that have dried on the inner walls of the cartridge and allow you to print a few more pages.


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