Here Are 9 Smart Ways to Protect Your Home like An FBI Agent!


Last Updated on November 28, 2020

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How to protect your house from intruders? What are the best safety devices you should have at home to make it safer and more secure?

Who is the best person or entity to tell you about home security? All these questions are valid and extremely important for those concerned with the safety and security of the house and the respective comfort and well-being of its inhabitants.

To find answers to these questions, there is nothing like following the advice of FBI agents — they are the people who know best about the minds and devious behaviors of criminals. Get to know the 9 smart ways to protect your home like an FBI agent and safeguard the security of your property and family.

1. Try To Get Along With Your Neighbors

Believe it or not, this is the best way to protect your home is to get along with your neighbors. And you must start working to achieve because you and your neighbors have one common goal: the protection and security of your homes with the best home security system.

You don’t have to be your neighbor’s best friend, just be cordial, friendly and available to him so that there is an atmosphere of harmony and mutual understanding and help among all. Sometimes the presence of a neighbor on the street or near your property may be sufficient to discourage burglars, for example.

Knowing your neighbors, and vice versa, lets you know who are the unknown people in your area. If you detect the presence of a suspicious individual or car, you should note the plate number of the vehicle, contact the authorities and alert them. By doing this, you will be preventing a crime from happening.

2. Install a Smart Home Security Alarm

A home security system is an indispensable asset for the safety and security of a home and you should install one to protect your property and defend your family. Ideally, choose one with motion detection and ‘Door Forced’ alarm.

These devices are increasingly affordable and easy to use. Plus, they’re smart because they monitor and record everything that’s happening in your home or outside it whenever you’re away.

These smart alarms can be remotely controlled via an application on your smartphone, they store and send real-time recordings for you to be always informed and, if activated, they will contact the authorities to take appropriate precautionary measures.

3. Install a Perimeter Camera System

In addition to installing the smart alarm system in your home, it is critical that you also monitor all access points to it. Therefore, you should place home security cameras on the perimeter of your home, as this is your vault that needs to be protected.

The best entry-level cameras have a host of extraordinary features, and infrared facial recognition for night vision is the most praised for intruder identification. It is a high-tech system that is more expensive but also more effective in protecting your home.

4. Don’t Overlook the Importance of a Motion-Activated Lighting System

The motion-activated lighting system is one of the most popular and effective safety equipment you can install at home.

This is a low-cost security measure that you can implement outside the home and which alerts you about a stranger’s presence and at the same time dissuades those who want to break into your property.

5. Do Not Immediately Trust Strangers Who Appear At Your Doorstep

Unless you live in the middle of the mountains and have no contact with civilization, it is inevitable that your home will receive visitors (i.e: postmen in your area, scouts, babysitters, dog walkers, among other professionals).

However, do not immediately trust them because thieves are capable of everything to fall into your good graces and to execute their crimes.

They may simply be studying your routines, wanting to know who is at home at a certain time, among other tricks so that, at the right time, they can act without being suspected.

6. Don’t Tell Just Anyone Where You’re Headed

Be careful not to tell anyone where exactly you’re going for vacation (unless you really trust that person). Because in doing so, a suspicious individual (who might be a thief in disguise) may assume that nobody will be home when you’re away at a certain period of tile, which is a golden opportunity for them to break into your house.

Even sharing photos on social media networks should be avoided because nowadays criminals are becoming more and more informed and sophisticated, studying their crimes in detail.

You should also always keep lights on when you go outside or when you are not at home because it gives the impression that there are always people inside. This serves to warn people that the house is never empty, which eventually removes some unwanted attention.

7. Enhance the Security of Your Home’s Windows and Doors

Do you know that your home’s doors and windows are weak and that this vulnerability could be exploited by thieves to who want to break into your home?

If so, you should take care of the doors and windows and fortify their security so that you have no unpleasant surprises when you get home and find everything vandalized or stolen.

Forcing a door or window is usually the most common means for a thief to enter a house. Therefore, you should equip your home with maximum security doors with anti-collision locks for added protection.

On the other hand, you should also choose to install acrylic or polycarbonate windows – the 12 mil security film offers greater resistance to glass breakage.

It should be noted that smart homes are now equipped with wireless home security systems that detect every kind of attempted entry or burglary into your home and alert the authorities accordingly.

8. Don’t Forget That the Garage Is Also a Vulnerable Access Point

The garage is also an access point to explore for those who want to sneak into your home. Therefore, to know how to protect your house from break-ins it is essential that you install an alarm on the garage door to monitor any entry attempts or break-ins, immediately alerting the authorities.

In addition, installing an electronic command garage door opener (which can be controlled via smartphone and remotely) gives you greater security in the entry and exit of vehicles owned by you and keeps your home always closed.

9. Take Care of Your Home Garden

It may seem out of place and out of context, but it is not. On the contrary, it is quite important to take care of your home’s garden by growing roses, thorns, trees, hedges or fences which provide additional protection for your property.

In addition to beautifying the exterior of the home, this landscape decoration task creates a defensive barrier for those who dare to enter your territory.

These are the main ways to protect and take care of the security of your home. It’s the way of FBI agents, so put their advice into practice and ensure that your home is always protected from criminals.


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