The Best Smoke Detectors To Buy In 2018


The Best Smoke Detectors To Buy In 2018© Mashable

If you think that smoke detectors are useless, then, you might change your mind anytime soon! In fact, having a working smoke detector at home can save your life and that of your loved ones, especially at emergency cases when a smoke or fire takes place. The alarm is loud and piercing enough to wake you, which gives you enough time to safely escape.

However, smart smoke detectors come with an additional perk! They can even send an alert to your smartphone and give you the option to temporarily silence the alarm from your own smartphone, which is really great!

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Nest Protect

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It’s true that the Nest Protect is expensive, still, it is considered one of the best! And what makes it a good one is the fact that it doesn’t only sound an alarm when it detects something, but also tells you exactly in which room the alert is actually coming from as well as specifying the nature of the alarm.

Moreover, this smart smoke detector has a LED ring right on the bottom of the alarm that can change color and provide you with a visual cue. The Nest Protect comes in two different versions, namely, wired and battery-powered.

And what’s special about it is that it can even work with a wide range of smart-home devices. For instance, if an emergency takes place, the Nest Protect will automatically turn on the lights in your house to make it easier for you and your loved ones to escape and find your way out.

What Owners Say About This Smart Smoke Detector?

Almost the majority of owners do compliment the Nest Protect’s performance and highest compatibility with other smart home devices. In fact, Nest has an average of 4.8 stars from more than 1.200 reviews.

‘’The best thing about The Nest Protect is its ability to tell exactly where the smoke is coming from. If I were sleeping on the fourth floor, it would tell me that the smoke is coming from the living room’’ added a reviewer.



Roost Battery 2.0

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This one is also one of the best! The Roost Battery is Wi-Fi enabled that sends an alert to your smartphone when the siren goes off. It’s a good option for those who have already got smoke detectors at home but want to make them smart!

The good thing about this Roost Battery is that it gives its users the option to silence the alarm for some couple of minutes or even send it to someone else and that’s all can be done through an app which accommodates a large number of batteries.

That’s not everything as Roost Battery can also be connected to other smart home products through IFTTT. What are you also need to know is that this battery can last up to 5 years and can easily and effectively function with any smoke or Co alarm that requires the use of 9- volt battery.

Lately, Roost has brought some interesting update to its app and now users can receive notifications when there is a severe weather alert, including storms, heavy rain or snowfall, freezing temperatures and more!

What Owners Say About This Smart Smoke Detector?

Several users of this Roost Battery have highly flattered its customer service. And according to a reviewer, the device is super easy and cool to use and also pretty innovative.



Onelink Safe & Sound

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Like the Nest Protect, this smart smoke detector also detects smoke and carbon monoxide, specify the location of the fire or smoke, and send you an alert to your smartphone. However, the unique thing about this particular device is that it can be used for many other great things aside from warning you of fire.

For instance, the Safe & Sound can be used with Amazon’s Alexa to play music, listen to some interesting audiobooks, and also access Alexa’s other thousands of skills.

What Owners Say About This Smart Smoke Detector?

There aren’t many reviews about this device except that it can be easily installed and can stream music. While some complaints stated that the device is expensive and doesn’t provide good support of all Alexa’s features.



What To Look For In A Smart Smoke Detector?

What To Look For In A Smart Smoke Detector

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Before Purchasing :

– Fire and smoke detection sensors :

Normally, there are two types of sensors to detect fires, namely, Ionization- sensors and photoelectric sensors. The former is considered the best when it comes to detecting fast-burning fires while the latter is much better at detecting slow-burning fires.

In both cases, you need to have both of them in your house. Hence, The Nest Protect, in this case, is the best choice!

– Carbon monoxide and other gas detection :

A good smoke detector should be able to detect both fire and carbon monoxide. Fire is the not the only danger as you might even get suffocated by carbon monoxide. Hence, before you purchase one, make sure it can detect these two.

– Hardwired vs Battery-powered :

The difference existing between these two is that the hardwired detectors are all interconnected. This means that when one of these alarms get off, the rest will do the same. Also, this kind of alarms tends to receive their power from your home and only use their batteries as backups.

However, the battery-powered can standalone but they might need to be replaced quite often.



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