These Are the Apps to Avoid to Make Saving Money Easy


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Dear reader, there are as many money saving apps as there are money wasting apps. You should, therefore, embrace the former and run away from the latter. Making money is not easy! It involves a lot of sweat and effort, which makes it a shame to waste it away without thinking.

The motto “save money, live better” should be a staple in your life; so why don’t you save money?

It is not very hard to do, honestly. The two obvious things you need to learn are how to stop spending money recklessly and how not to spend money. The second “how” seems a bit tricky than the first one. However, it’s an easy one.

In this article, we will tell you about 4 ways you can stop spending money now. Follow our advice and start to save your money as soon as possible. Who knows? You might even start thinking of ways to invest that money you’ve saved.


Apps With Subscription

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The first money management tip we’re going to offer you is to avoid, as best as you can, subscription-based apps. True, they allow for seamless management of your subscription with a particular service.

However, it is very likely that you will stop using the service and will forget to hit the unsubscribe button. You should always remember that investing money in a subscription-based app is good as long as the service is beneficial for you.

One effective method to save money with these apps is to set up a monthly reminder on your phone that prompts you to cancel your subscription if you no longer need it, because you are less likely to do it on your own.

E-Commerce Apps

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The best way to save money is to not spend it all, and the place where we’re most likely to spend it is your favorite shopping app. These apps are filled with deals and offer sales all the time, and they keep pushing anything new to you through your phone’s notifications.

It is a good strategy to delete the apps from your phone and access the stores only from the desktop. This way you will access these websites only when you really need to buy something and not when the app feels like it.

Following this simple strategy is a very easy way to save money. Believe us, you will notice the difference.

Social Media Apps


You won’t necessarily spend money directly in your social media apps, but they will direct your behavior to do just that. Apps such as Instagram and Facebook are very effective marketing tools.

They record the way with which you interact with every post and push ads to you accordingly. Those ads are mostly product ads that you will have to be careful not to fall for, however tempting and innocent they may look. An obvious way out would be to delete these social media apps.

That, however, is not easy! Therefore, you should learn to practice restraint and learn that following what an ad says is not the best way to invest your money.

Rewards Program Apps

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Rewards apps are an ingenious way to save some money; however, they become counterintuitive very fast, finding yourself in a compulsive streak of reckless money spending. These apps are not where you should invest your money.

The gratification you get from all the points you accumulate and the things you use these point to claim are nothing compared to the huge amount of money you spent in the first place.

Stop, therefore, and think if your favorite rewards app is saving you any money. If find out that it doesn’t, then delete that app and download a money management app instead!

Seriously, a money manager will do you an immense amount of good! In addition to that, keep these money-saving tips we’ve written about in mind and start teaching yourself how to save money. Earn your money but spend it wisely!

Before you go, tell us about the one thing you read about in this article that you never thought could waste your money.


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