10 Amazing WhatsApp Tips and Tricks You Need to Know


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WhatsApp is a well-known and appreciated social media network today and this is due to its cutting-edge resources, the fact that it is always updated and serving the needs of its various types of audiences.

However, there are things you may not even dream of doing with WhatsApp. How to use WhatsApp? We have prepared a list of 10 incredible WhatsApp tips and tricks you need to know to get the most out of this platform. Find out which ones are next!

1. Work on Your Account Privacy Settings: Show Only What You Want Others to See

Surely you don’t like to show the most private events in your life to everyone, don’t you? Even if you are a public figure and have a legion of fans.

On the one hand, it is comforting to know that we are read and supported by friends, acquaintances, and family. But more than that, no one wants this kind of exposure. And this also happens with the WhatsApp account.

People can access certain information if you do not work correctly with your privacy settings, such as when you are online when you saw the last message sent to you, your profile picture, among other information.

Sometimes you may not want to respond on the spot, need time to think, or simply not want to show something to certain people or someone you don’t know. And you are not obliged to do so.

To prevent this from happening, go to WhatsApp privacy settings and adjust all visible options to what you want to show and to whom.

2. Using WhatsApp on the Desktop: Connect Your Mobile Device with the PC

You are used to using WhatsApp on your smartphone or tablet because that’s where the WhatsApp app is installed. So far so good. However, there is also the possibility to connect your mobile device with the computer in order to use this social network on your desktop.

To have WhatsApp desktop, just access the WhatsApp website on your computer, go to the WhatsApp settings of your mobile version (WhatsApp Web/Desktop) and point the QR code displayed there to your computer screen. Et voilà. All WhatsApp messages will be visible on the computer.

3. Back up WhatsApp Messages: Don’t Miss Important Information

One of the most appreciated WhatsApp tips is related to the fact that you can store your messages. It is possible to make a backup of all WhatsApp messages so that you do not miss any important information (in the Chat Backup settings).

Please note that if you are using an iPhone, the backup is immediately saved to your iCloud account. If you use an Android smartphone, for example, it is saved and available for viewing in your Google Drive account.

There is also the possibility to define a daily, weekly or monthly automatic backup of your messages (you can include the possibility to save videos). This way, you will never run the risk of losing messages that have been deleted. Or if you did it accidentally, you always have the possibility to recover them.

4. Export Individual Chats: Streamline Information Exchange and Protect Your Conversations

WhatsApp chats are the meeting rooms of modern times where people meet virtually and there they can exchange all kinds of impressions or information on the most varied topics in individual chats. If you need to, you can export these chats to email, workplace or other spaces/tools for storing and transmitting the information.

This WhatsApp hack is an excellent way to speed up the exchange of information between you and another coworker, for example.

On the other hand, you will be able to protect your conversations, that is, record everything that was broadcast in the respective chat. All of this contributes to a better organization and efficiency of communication and these are extremely valuable characteristics in a professional context.

The exported chat appears as a zipped file, you can include photos and videos and be shared with others if you want.

5. See When Messages Have Been Read: Know What’s Going On the Other Side

If you want to know what’s going on on the other side, namely whether the messages you sent were read or not, just keep an eye on the conversation and look for the blue markers that appear in the respective messages.

If two blue markers appear in the corner of the sent message, it means that your message has been read by those on the other side. However, for this to happen, they need to have read receipts enabled.

6. Mute Notifications for Incoming Messages: Rest Your Ears

You are probably part of one or several WhatsApp groups where dozens of messages are exchanged every day: responses to comments, memes, videos, images, emoji and all kinds of animations. And all of these interactions are accompanied by loud notifications for your smartphone.

To combat this type of noise pollution, you don’t need to put your smartphone in silence, but you can end with the sound of notifications of incoming messages – this is one of the most used WhatsApp tricks.

Just touch the speaker icon with the line on top and set the period when you don’t want to hear the notifications received (8 hours, 1 week or 1 year). Your ears will be grateful.

7. Change the WhatsApp Wallpaper: Change the Background Whenever You Want

Your chats do not always need to be based on that monotonous and dull background that you probably must be tired of seeing. You can change WhatsApp wallpaper for a chat whenever you want.

One day you can have more colorful wallpaper, the other day you can have wallpaper with a more solid or even more animated color. There is no shortage of options and everything can be customized according to your tastes.

To change your background, just access the privacy settings of the chat wallpaper and get a new background from your wallpaper library.

8. Analyze WhatsApp Data Usage: Control Your Consumption

The best way to manage a WhatsApp account is to analyze and control the data consumptions you are making from your account. And you can do it in the settings of data usage and storage in order to know all the details regarding your data consumption.

You can set the download of photos or videos or other media formats to be carried out only on authorized Wi-Fi networks, disable file downloads completely or other types of restrictions that you consider relevant to control and save your mobile data.

9. Change the Phone Number: Transfer the WhatsApp Account to a New Number

This is one of the most pertinent questions that people who use WhatsApp have: “I’m going to change my phone number, but how to transfer WhatsApp account to a new number?

Is this possible? It’s quite easy, actually. You need to access your account settings and select the option to change the number. Then just enter the old number (the one you intend to stop using) and enter the new number so that all data is successfully migrated.
You don’t need to delete WhatsApp account just because you changed your phone number.

10. Delete Your WhatsApp Account: End Your Activity

However, if you really want to delete your WhatsApp account and end all your activity on this social network, this is also possible. How to delete WhatsApp account? You can do this in your account settings by clicking “Delete account”.

Although you will be able to create a new account later, this decision to delete your account is irreversible. You lose access to the entire chat history of the account, namely all the individual or group messages you have been having with your contacts.

In addition, you also lose backups that were saved in your iCloud or Google Drive account and access to the groups and lists of friends of which you are a part.

These are the 10 incredible WhatsApp tips and tricks you need to know to maximize the use you make of this extraordinary all-purpose communication platform. Put them into practice immediately!


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