7 Effective Tips To Deal With Your Broken Phone Screen!


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If you are reading this article it is because your phone screen is broken or full of cracks similar to a spider’s web. We understand your pain – and in fact, it hurts a lot!

Didn’t you get the feeling that the world had stopped when your smartphone slipped or fell out of your hands? Wasn’t your heart racing at that moment? Didn’t you get the hope that there would only be damage to the phone case or tempered glass? As we told you, we understand your pain, especially when you notice that your smartphone screen has been damaged.

However, there are tips that you should follow to deal with your broken phone screen. Do not let this ruin your day and read about all the best ways to fix your phone. Read this list to find out!

1. Keep Calm

Your smartphone fell to the floor! At that moment, thousands of doubts arise in your head. Do you have a broken phone? Did the smartphone fall on the back or front? You can only hope that it’s just the protective glass that was broken. But, the truth can be that your wishes are not fulfilled and the fall left you with a damaged phone.

Now you have to stay calm and contain your disappointment because that is a common thing that can happen to anyone. The truth is that we are all aware that, sooner or later, the smartphone can slip out of our hands and fall to the floor – we all have hands of butter at certain times!

Perhaps it was not the first time that the smartphone fell to the ground, but this time it was fatal. Accept this little nightmare that happened to you with the tranquility and maturity that bad times demand.

2. Be Careful With the Smartphone Screen

When you lift your smartphone from the floor and see that the screen is full of cracks similar to spider webs, it is natural for you to feel a sense of ange. After all, your best friend is very hurt!

However, and most of the time, in an affectionate or protective attitude, you may be tempted to run your fingers across the surface of the screen as a way to clean up the damage. You should not do this because the thin parts of the broken screen can cause many injuries to your fingers.

The same goes for your ears when you try to make or receive calls – the thin parts of the broken screen can cause severe damage to the ears or even the ear canal.

Be cautious and always wrap your smartphone and cracked phone screen in a silk handkerchief or even in tape so that the loose parts do not get lost or cause injury.

3. Assess the Damage

There are loud crashes where you think your smartphone is all broken and probably has no chance of getting fixed.

However, there are also falls that are so delicate and make it seem like no serious damage has been done. Then, you discover that your smartphone has practically become useless and such a lost cause. So, there are no winners or losers before truly assessing the damage from the fall of your smartphone.

How to deal with a broken smartphone screen? Start by evaluating the most important elements of the smartphone, such as the camera, the home button, the handset and the touch sensitivity on the screen (if there are no thin parts of the broken screen).

If everything is operational and if the tempered glass is the only low, you were very lucky because the phone screen repair cost is very affordable. If the damage affects other components of your smartphone, the repair will be more expensive.

4. Activate Smartphone Insurance

After evaluating the consequences of the fall of your smartphone, you should check if your smartphone’s insurance includes the option of cracked or broken glass.

There are several types of insurance for smartphones, such as those that offer a replacement in case of theft or loss, as well as those that offer replacement parts in case of a fall, among other options.

Smartphone insurance in the event of a fall is usually more expensive and covers accidental damage (and it must be verified that, in fact, it was accidental) up to a maximum limit equal to the purchase price of the insured equipment.

There are also other solutions that smartphone insurance can offer, such as replacing the insured equipment with a refurbished product of the same brand and model or superior, or by covering replacement costs.

If it is only now that you have come to the conclusion that you should have activated insurance for your smartphone, there is not much to do: you will have to bear the costs of the arrangement.

5. Try to Arrange On Your Own

Is the damage to your smartphone located only affects the screen of your device? Are you one of those skilled people who even have a way of arranging things? Then, find out how to fix your broken phone at home at your own risk.

How to fix a cracked phone screen DIY? Start by purchasing a replacement screen according to the brand and model of your smartphone.

Nowadays, there are online replacement packs that come with everything: the replacement screen, the screwdrivers needed to loosen your smartphone’s screws, the product, and its cleaning cloth. Just purchase one of these packs and your smartphone will work perfectly again.

Then, you need to search for repair tutorials on YouTube that show you how to replace your smartphone screen. These smartphone hacks are very accurate and show you step by step everything you need to do.

By following this tip, the costs of the arrangement will be much more affordable when compared to the prices charged at the brand’s stores – the repair fees for an iPhone home button are exorbitant, for example, or at the technical repair shops of smartphones.

6. Talk to an Expert

If you do not have insurance on your smartphone and are unable to repair it, it is best to seek the help of an expert to see the best solutions for your case.

They can refer you to an authorized repair shop, activate an additional insurance policy, offer you a replica of the screens available in local markets or even tell you how much is it to get your phone screen fixed, among other possibilities.

Sometimes, it is better to pay a little more and have a device to last for a long time, than to pay little and your mobile device malfunctions.

7. Change or Update Your Smartphone

Sometimes there are evils that come for good. If your smartphone was already running on an older version, this may be the best time to buy a new phone.

Are the costs of repair too high for you? Does the equipment in question deserve so much investment? So, perhaps, the best option is to invest a little more and exchange for a more updated one.

There are even stores that accept the return of older equipment – even those that have a broken screen. See this as an opportunity and give yourself a new gift.

These are the tips that you should follow to best handle a broken phone screen. If the last resort is to buy a new one, don’t forget to purchase insurance for your smartphone. Only then will you be better protected and safeguarded in the event of a future fall.


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