7 Of The Most Shocking Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Phone Addiction


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Smartphone addiction is, unfortunately, a common issue in our plugged-in culture! People are becoming more attached to their cell phones and use them everywhere, even in the restroom! That ’s crazy but it’s a fact!

However, the biggest problem is almost all these smartphone users refuse to admit the fact that they are addicted and that they need to do something to stop their excessive and obsessive phone usage! These People choose to ignore their addicted behavior and even convince themselves that they are doing just fine while deep down they know that this is not true!

What’s even worse is this addition can wreak havoc on their lives and increase their risks of developing many serious issues that may affect their health, personal and professional life!

Still, not scared, click through the NEXT page to learn about 7 shocking facts about smartphone addition that you probably didn’t know!




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