9 free Smartphone Apps You Should Have Already Installed By Now!


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There are literally millions of apps available for your smartphone whether you’re an Android or iOS user.

They were built to help you execute some work-related or personal tasks, to facilitate your daily routine by providing easy access to information of any kind, or just to entertain you and make those boring hours go by a little bit faster. Through apps, you have an entire universe of possibilities that fits your front pocket.

We made a list of 9 amazing free apps that cover several different categories (from weather apps to fitness) and that you need to install right now.


#1 – MyFitnessPal

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This app has helped thousands of people lose weight and maintain a healthy exercising routine and diet. You can use this app to track your calorie and nutrients intake by simply scanning the barcodes of foods, or selecting products from their database (that contains over 5 million food products).

The app will help you adjust your diet to achieve your weight goals. You can also pair it with other fitness apps like Fitbit to synchronize data collected from your physical activity.

#2 – Reddit


Reddit is one of the most visited websites in the world. It is defined as a “social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website”; it’s basically a massive internet forum in which the users decide which content becomes popular through a voting system.

You can follow specific subreddits of your interest and participate in discussions on the most varied subjects with like-minded people.

You can also use it to check the latest cool internet memes and videos. The Reddit app allows you to have the optimal Reddit experience on your smartphone. Using the Reddit website through your phone’s browser can be really annoying.

If you’re an Apple customer and a serious Redditor, you can also use an iPhone free app called Apollo to browse Reddit. It was designed to make the whole experience of navigating through Reddit much easier and smooth.

Just as an example, you will be able to control the display of GIFS (by stopping, rewinding, and fast-forwarding) and you won’t struggle anymore while navigating a comment thread. Try it!

#3 – Buffer

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Buffer is a great tool to manage your social media accounts, especially if your work implies constantly updating your followers with new posts. You can schedule posts to be posted at a certain time and across different platforms.

For example, you can prepare a Facebook campaign and set it to be posted at prime time, and schedule a tweet for an hour earlier to let your followers know that a new important post is coming up on your Facebook page.

#4 – Twitch

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Even if you’re not a gamer, you probably have already heard of Twitch. It’s an app that allows you to watch your favorite streamers playing the videogames you love. This form of entertainment has become hugely popular amongst young people and is now one of the most consumed products in this category.

Streamers like Ninja, Shroud, and Dr. Disrespect are well-known entertainers with audience numbers that can compete with some TV shows. Twitch also hosts the biggest esports tournaments in the world. If you’re an esports fan, you most certainly have this app already installed on your phone.

#5 – Dark Sky

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Dark Sky is a weather app made simple. It instantly gives you all the information you want to know. So, instead of those weird weather forecast terms like “43% chance of precipitation with winds that may reach the 50 miles per hour mark” (things that no one knows exactly what that means), you will have a much simpler forecast: “Light rain until 7 p.m. Mostly cloudy”. Much better, right? Now you know you should wait until 8 p.m. before going for a run.

#6 – OverDrive

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Most people never heard about OverDrive. If you’re based in the United States, this is a must-have. It’s a free app that allows you to borrow audiobooks, ebooks, and even movies and TV shows for free from a wide range of public libraries.

All you need to have is a library card. It’s just like going to borrow some books from the nearest library, but you can do it online and download them without ever leaving your house.

#7 – Duolingo


You’re probably fed up of seeing Duolingo in every “recommended apps” list. But it is just that good. Duolingo is a language-learning platform that has a teaching method that works for most people.

Just install the app, select which language you want to learn (there are currently 34 languages available), and start practicing. The app will make you practice grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. If you use the Duolingo website, you will also have access to more in-depth learning materials that will help you study.

#8 – Brave

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Brave is a web browser created by Mozilla Firefox’ co-founder and Javascript’ creator, Brendan Eich. It is revolutionizing the industry by the way it manages user data and advertising.

Regarding advertising, Brave gives you two options: you can disable all ads in its built-in adblocker (that blocks third-party cookies, scripts, and uses HTTPS everywhere) or you can choose to watch ads and get paid.

Not only Brave rewards you with tokens for every ad you watch (that you can trade for other cryptocurrencies), they also assure that all the ads displayed are non-intrusive to your experience and that your personal data is not being collected.

#9 – RunPee


We saved a fun one for last. This is an app for regular moviegoers with a small bladder. It tells you the best times to have a toilet break when you’re in a session at the movie theater. It may sound silly, but this app is actually very well thorough.

It gives you a cue – that can be a character line or action – so that you know exactly when to leave, the ideal duration of your break, and a quick summary of what happened in the film during that short break. What an amazing world we live in.


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