9 Useful Apps That Will Definitely Help You Break Free From Your Bad Habits


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Whether you like to accept it or not, you and all of us have adopted a few bad habits that none of us is able to shake off, like procrastinating, biting nails, and eating uncontrollably.

Of course, there are some days when we wake up and decide that this is going to be the last day to practice this habit, but as expected, we forget or give ourselves excuses that convince us to try again on the next day “because today we are too stressed, too tired, too busy, too sad, etc and we deserve a break!”.

Well, you do deserve a break indeed, but your bad habits will only keep on ruining your health and making your future a little less brighter than what you want. That’s why we have been blessed with cool apps that can help us get over them and actually make a difference in our lives!

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