9 Useful Apps That Will Definitely Help You Break Free From Your Bad Habits



Complaining too much

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Do you feel like you are the “Negative Nancy” of the group? Complaining is what you find yourself doing more, not for the sake of complaining, but because you are not easily pleased with whatever occurs in your life.

Lack of gratitude is a habit that we tend to develop as we grow up because we find ourselves hardly satisfied about anything happening to us, like ever, even though we know we are blessed with many things that we should be thankful for.

So whether you own an iOS or an Android, you can download an app that called Gratitude Journal. This app will definitely help you complain less and show gratitude more. In other words, you will be the happier version of yourself!


Shopping too much

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The problem of spending too much is common between all genders. Whenever you are at the mall, you feel this overwhelming obsession of spending uncontrollably on things you don’t even need, and you end up regretting it as soon as the end of the month comes closer and you find yourself without a penny in your wallet with hundreds of useless things in your home.

There are apps for people like you (and me, shhh!) who can’t control themselves while shopping, so they allow you to put in all of your purchases, as well as the times you have been strong enough to not buy anything.

Whenever you do that, you will have a score of the money you didn’t spend on unnecessary things, which is a great motivator for shopping less.

For iOS users: TIDB.
For Android users: Spending Tracker.




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