Here Are The 8 Most Useful Apps For Your Phone!


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It’s been quite a while since your phone was just your phone! It is now a pocket device built to incorporate software of every species that can aid you in countless aspects of your daily routine and make your life easier: the so-called apps.

But in an endless cosmos of about 2.5 million android apps available to download (1.8 million if you’re an iPhone user), it’s certainly easy to get lost.

That’s when things get interesting, and you search for help choosing apps that can further help you. We’re here to present to you 8 of the most useful apps for your phone.

#1 – The Google Package

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Let’s start here with the basics! If cool Google apps like Youtube, Gmail, Photos, Translate and Drive are not already preinstalled, they are most definitely the first few apps to download on your phone, and it’s safe to say that most people instinctively go for them.

And there’s definitely a bunch of reasons for that. They are free, well-built apps that work perfectly together and between different devices, allowing you to instantly sync your data using your Google account.

You probably noticed that Google Maps and Chrome weren’t mentioned, and that’s because the following two apps are great alternatives. Check them!

Oh, and one last thing. If you’re into arts, make yourself a favor: download Google’s Arts & Culture and have fun exploring the amazing content it provides.
Free for Android and iOS

#2 – Waze

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Google Maps is obviously an excellent navigation assistant. So why did Google acquire Waze, one of its most popular competitors, back in 2013? Because it might be even better, especially if you find yourself constantly behind the wheel of your car stuck in traffic.

Waze is a user-based app that updates itself in real-time thanks to the contribution of its users that share things like traffic information, speed cameras, accidents, average speed, among others.

This allows you to check if your commute has any kind of obstruction, and gives you time to prepare an alternative route, saving you both time and a lot of traffic stress. The app also provides a simple and friendly interface, so that your eyes can keep their focus on the road.

Just don’t forget that you need an internet connection to use Waze to its full potential.

Free for Google Play and App Store.

#3 – Brave

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Released in 2016, Brave is a revolutionary browser created by the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox and creator of Javascript computer language, Brendan Eich. It aims to completely change how user information and advertising are managed within the internet.

Brave gives you options. All of them very reasonable. You can either disable all ads with its built-in adblocker (it can also block third-party cookies, scripts, and has HTTPS everywhere, making it faster than other browsers), or you can get paid for your time. That’s right.

If you choose to watch ads, not only does Brave assures you that none of your data is being collected and that the ads are not intrusive to your browsing experience, but it also transfers you BAT (Basic Attention Token) that you can later exchange for cryptocurrency. Learn more at their webpage.

Free for Android and iOS.

#4 – VSCO

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VSCO is a photo editing app that has been adding filters to people’s memories, making them slightly more perfect, for at least five years. Pronounced “vis-co”, it offers a collection of free preset filters (and paid ones), as well as brightness, saturation, and contrast adjustments.

But the popularity of this app is mainly due to the coherent social media aesthetics it creates, and its built-in community, that lets you explore and engage with a wide range of creators from every nationality.

#vscogirl is currently taking over social media.

Free for Android and iOS (with in-app purchases)

#5 – Strava

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As you can probably tell from your Instagram feed, exercising has become a sacred ritual for many people. In the fitness app market, Strava has been claiming its space as one of the most popular apps, mainly due to its versatility.

Whatever type of exercise suits you best (jogging, cycling, swimming), Strava can keep track of your activity: times, distance, calories, GPS mapping, and more.

If you’re a competitive person and competing against your personal best is not enough, you can take part in challenges with your friends and other users. Push it to the limit!
Free for Android and iOS (with in-app purchases)

#6 – Centriq

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Centriq. We’re talking about one of the best home repair apps, one that you’ll need for sure, you just don’t know how long will it take until you finally open it.
Your fridge’s light doesn’t turn on.

Your dishwasher suddenly stopped working. Your toaster is making a funny noise. And there’s nothing you can do because you have thrown all of the user manuals away, right?

Well, actually you can just take a photo of your appliance and let Centriq do the rest. The app can identify the exact model you have, and then provide you access to user’s manuals, link you some how-to videos and parts, or even put you in contact with repair service providers.

You can also use this app to keep track of your appliances. From now on, make sure to upload an image of your new appliance’s warranties to the app, so that all information is stored in just one place. No more papers lying around the house.

If you’re looking for a more complete home maintenance app, you should go for Zada Home over Centriq. Especially if you plan on doing some major repair works. Besides the above-mentioned tasks, Zada Home lets you create a maintenance calendar app, track all of your repairing projects and costs, and much, much more.

Free for Android and iOS.

#7 – 1password

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During your online activities, chances are that you’re asked to create several different accounts among all the platforms you use. Even if you’re not sure that you’re going to use them for more than one day.

And for security reasons, you opt for different passwords between your accounts, as you should. After a few registrations, it gets hard to keep track of all.

1password is a simple app that allows you to store and manage all the passwords for your different accounts and set a master password to unlock your password vault. From there, you can protect important information within the app, and use it to sign in to websites and apps with only a tap.

It also provides a safe way to share passwords with other people. Although it’s not free, it’s not that expensive either, coming at 2.99$ a month after the free 30-day trial. In this day and age where security is everything, this has to be considered one of the best android apps of all time.

If you want to know more about 1password’s security system, please check their whitepaper.
2.99$ a month for Android and iOS.

#8 – Spotify

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Spotify is an obvious choice, and well worth the premium subscription (the free version is horrible) if you’re a regular music listener.

It grants you access to over 50 million tracks, so it’s almost certain that you can find your favorite artists there. The premium version allows you to create and share your playlists, save songs to listen to offline, and most important: you don’t have to deal with shuffle pay and those annoying ads.

Podcasts are also a thing here, as more and more content creators share them on this platform.

Free for Android and iOS (Premium from 9.99$ a month – with cheaper plans for students and families)



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