This Is Why Your Phone Is Convicted Guilty For Your Bad Habits



Since the day we had our very first smartphone, our lives have changed drastically. We became obsessed with it, we take it everywhere, and we never fail to live a day without it. Oh, sorry! We never fail to live an HOUR without it.

I mean, it is understandable since our entire life is in it, our conversations, calendars, important emails, important numbers, and even school lessons. All of these things are great and our lives are extremely easy because of our Android and iOS devices. But, have you ever wondered about the negative side of it all?

Because all of us are blinded by the light of our phones that are constantly in our faces, we fail to see the bad habits we have all been adapting because of it. Well, be prepared to read them all and to start pointing a guilty finger at yourself… You will be surprised!


You become a constant flake

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All of us use our phones to make excuses, obviously. For example, if you are running late, you would send a text apologizing. If you want to cancel a meeting, you send an email. This has become the “ideal” way of treating others because that’s how they treat you, too.

But imagine if there are no Androids or iPhones to contact you to others, not a way to cancel dates and apologize… You will start trying your best to not be late and you would definitely not cancel a meeting.

Your friends would know that you don’t have a phone, so they will not be late as well. Suddenly, everyone will have mutual respect for one another. If some people still incapable to give this type of respect, then they are just unorganized by nature and phones are not the reasons. Basically, you will understand what kind of person you are when you ditch your phone!

You don’t give people the respect they deserve

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When you are constantly connected to a device, you will easily be taken out of the present time and be transported to future concerns. If you are out with friends, then you might be getting messages and notifications that would take you elsewhere; a completely different location than where you are now. Your friends would probably notice it, and they would rarely mention it.

Also, you could be extra selective of who you respond to because there would be something that you would rather ignore. The thing is they know you are avoiding them because they got a notification of you seeing their message.

If you are not constantly connected, you would be giving others the amount of respect they deserve, even those trying to reach you via your phone.

You become a terrible driver

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I believe that the majority of us have been passengers of a car whose driver is looking at their phone more than they are looking at the road. I am not kidding, just last night I was at the back of this Uber who had his mouth open, looking at Instagram models on his iOS device.

The lights turned green, and he is nowhere to be found. He didn’t even pay attention to the honking of other drivers. So I had to yell to get him moving!

It doesn’t matter how good of a driver you are, the person who drives while looking down at their phone can’t be the same quality as the person who drives without touching their phones. You would be saving a lot of people’s lives if you avoided your phone while driving.

You don’t get everything done


I mean, yes! You can get many things done, but you would get more if you avoided your phone. Same as paying less respect to those around you (virtually and presently), you would not be giving enough respect to what you are doing.

You can’t split your mind and do more than two tasks, at the same time, and have it done as perfect as it should be. It is obvious that you will not be giving it 100% of your focus. The result will be: less than good quality and too much time to complete it.

Allow me to give you an example: would you think this article would be as good if I was chatting with my friend on Facebook and writing at the same time? Absolutely, not!

You may think that you are getting many tasks done at once, but you are only switching between one another. So when you have a job to do, give it all your focus, and reward yourself later by responding to your Facebook messages and your friends’ Snapchats.

Your phone becomes your crutch

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If you are at a party and the buzz is just not good yet, you find a reason to text someone. When you are in a crowded elevator, you start swiping home screens, even though you are aware there is nothing new to check. Also, you could never sit at the park to sip your coffee without checking Instagram.

Of course, there are many people who feel uncomfortable in social situations, and their phones can be a good help to avoid an awkward moment or to pass time. But it is just not a good habit to get into.

Keep in mind that accepting someone’s invitation to go out only for you to sit on your phone most of the time is not acceptable. If you want to do that, then it is best to stay at home!


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