You Need To Stop Keeping Your Phone In These 10 Places


You Need To Stop Keeping Your Phone In These 10 Places© Pinterest

Obviously, it is very rare to find someone without a phone nowadays, so there are many people who made horrendous mistakes for us to learn from, including the places that we should never keep our phone in, especially that we have an addiction and take them with us everywhere.

After all, our phones can put our health in danger if they were placed somewhere specific. Otherwise, they can be damaged completely, therefore, ending up without a phone and losing hundreds of bucks again for it.

#1 – Back Pocket

Back Pocket

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It could be very comfortable carrying your phone in your pants’ back pockets, but whenever you put it there, you may be faced with these issues:

– If your phone has a touchscreen, then it may start reacting to a lot of other things other than fingers. So without your knowledge, it may dial an emergency number. Do you know that 30% of 911 calls are accidental?

– If you experience stomach or leg pain, then it could be a result of having your phone constantly in your pocket.

– You can forget about it, end up sitting on it and break it.

#2 – Front Pocket

Front Pocket

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Both genders make the mistake of putting their phones in their front pockets, but mostly men because they don’t carry bags. According to some studies, the electromagnetic radiation of the device can affect the quality and quantity of sperm. The longer his device stays in his pants, the higher the danger.

#3 – Bra


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There is still no consensus in medicine about cell phones and if its phone radiation can cause cancer, but according to some studies, placing a phone in a bra can actually increase the risk for breast cancer. So it is best to avoid putting it there!

#4 – Hip


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You should never carry your phone someplace near your thighs because it can weaken the hip bones, so in order to avoid such issues, put the device in a bag or anywhere that is far from your hips (because they don’t lie).

#5 – Against your skin

against your skin

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You should never put your device against your skin because every time you do it, the bacteria on the screen and buttons will be transferred to your face’s skin along with the electromagnetic radiation. It is a little hard since talking on the phone mostly needs this, so you can always keep your phone at least 0.5 cm far from your face.

#6 – On the charger

On the charger

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Charging your phone will not harm your health, but it may cause a disaster if you kept it charging overnight. First, it may reduce the efficiency of your battery and shorten its life. Also, it may cause a fire while you are asleep and not aware of anything around you. So charge it during the day when you can keep an eye on it.

#7 – Cold places

Cold places

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When the temperature drops below 0°C, then it is time to take care of your phone, too. It should never be left in the car or in the street for a long time because the temperature could harm the gadgets very badly and cause many issues with the internal details. So if you went outside in the cold, make sure to “dress” your phone up with a warm phone case.

#8 – Hot places

Hot places

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It is known that high temperatures could be very harmful to electronics. So during summer or any hot day, do not leave your phone under the sunlight directly, on the beach or in the car. Also, try to avoid keeping it next to an oven.

#9 – Stroller


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Mothers often place their phones in their baby’s stroller, especially if they were in a hurry. There are many researchers who argue about it not being safe, and the impact of those devices on little kids are dangerous. It can cause behavioral problems like attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity.

#10 – Under your pillow

Under your pillow

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You should never put your phone under your pillow because of so many reasons such as:

– During the night, you may receive texts and notifications which will make the screen light up. Those lights have an impact on melatonin production.

– Electromagnetic radiation can lead to dizziness and headaches.

– Leaving the phone under the pillow can cause many cases of fires and explosions, especially if it was charging.

Your phone may hold a lot of secrets and ways to make you joyful, but it is okay to keep it far from time to time in order to protect your health and to help your phone have a longer life.


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