7 Extraordinary Tech Habits Everyone Should Adopt


Last Updated on September 22, 2020

With advances in new technologies – see the example of the Internet of Things (IoT), there is an increasing concern and need to protect all electronic devices.

And it is not just geeks or software or computer hardware programmers who have adopted the best tech habits, you should also do so to be as safe as possible, particularly when you are online.

What are the tech habits everyone should follow? This is what we are going to indicate to you next when we present to you the seven extraordinary tech habits everyone should adopt.

1. Social Networks? Review and Adjust Their Privacy Settings!

Any social media network can be quite intrusive, since it knows everything about you, such as your age, marital status, the city where you live, the workplace, the pages you usually follow and visit, and much other biographical data. All of them are later sold to advertisers.

Thus, for your data to be kept safe and in the strictest confidence, it is necessary that you access the privacy settings of your social networks and see what is public or private. Make any adjustments you feel are pertinent so that your presence in any social media is never compromised.

2. Good Technology Does Not Necessarily Have To Cost a Lot of Money!

Many people have the wrong idea about technology and the quality of a technological product: the best product or the best technology costs a lot of money. And this is not at all true.

There are many inexpensive equipment and technologies that you can purchase – see the evolution of data storage systems (floppy disks, pens, removable hard drives, cloud storage, and others). This technology and respective equipment have always been very important in the lives of users and have a very affordable quality/price.

On the other hand, you should also not be dazzled by all the technological products you find, as many of them just want to sell you junk.

Nor should you invest your money in technological products called “miraculous” without being minimally informed about that technology. Keep in mind that technology is always changing and, as such, always pay the fairest and appropriate price for your technologies.

3. Install Good Antivirus or Antimalware Software on Your Computer

How to protect your computer? One of the best ways to protect your computer is to install good antimalware or antivirus software.

This type of protection software will make your online browsing much safer and prevent you from being vulnerable to computer viruses or any malicious malware that causes damage to your computer.

There are several types of free antivirus or antimalware software on the market, and Avast and Bitdefender are quality and extremely effective options.

4. Use of Public wifi? Yes, But Safely!

One of the biggest mistakes most people make is when they use their personal information in public wifi to access their bank account, email, social media account, among other places that are protected by a password.

These places, like those found in airports, cafes, or even public squares, do not offer an encrypted connection and are subject to intermediary attacks.

This, for hackers, is gold on blue since they can easily find out what passwords you use on public wifi and then use your information to carry out the most varied online scams.

How to avoid getting hacked online? Keep in mind that you should only use public wifi to do research or check the latest news, for example. Avoid entering passwords as much as possible. Otherwise, the results might be catastrophic.

5. Always Choose To Use Strong and Complex Pa$Sword3s

How to protect yourself from hackers? Always opt for safe, attentive, and vigilant browsing and, of course, make use of strong and complex account passwords so that no one accesses your accounts and online services.

To set a strong password, you need to use a long pa$sWord3, with numbers and special characters. And even so, you must change it every two or three months so that it is never subject to decoding. If you want, you can use password management sites like LastPass, Dashlane, Keeper as they securely encrypt your data.

6. Search Google? Yes!

What is the best tech habit you should adopt whenever you don’t know an answer or have questions about something? Search Google, no doubt.

Doing a Google search allows you to find the answer (or several answers) to your problem/difficulty, and this is an invaluable asset for anyone who wants to be always learning and evolving.

However, you should pay close attention to the type of navigation and research you perform. There are certain search results that can be misleading because hackers are cunningly waiting for you to be distracted to steal you and gain access to your data – identity thefts are their favorite crimes, and you should be aware of that.

7. Backup All Data on Your Computer

One of the simplest and most practical technological habits you should follow is to perform a backup of all data on your computer. And this applies to everything you have stored on your computers, such as work documents, photos, videos, or other multimedia content that you may need at any time.

Nowadays, thanks to cloud storage systems like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, among others, you can store all files in a virtual space and have access to it whenever you want (as long as you have an internet connection).

And this means that there is no problem if some content has been lost or accidentally deleted, as you can easily recover it by accessing the backup you made.

Also, it is a way to keep your computer always clean and organized, which will make it perform better and always be in optimal conditions of use according to your needs.

These are the ten extraordinary tech habits everyone should adopt, but there are many more that you should put into practice. Do you already use all these tech habits? Or do you have others that you consider equally important, and that should be included in this list?

All of them are important for you to stay away from the fraudulent actions of hackers and other types of internet scams. Then share with us your opinion or the latest technological news, as everyone’s safety depends on it.


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