This Is How Technology Is Causing Us Anxiety


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Technology has become a big part in our lives to the point we don’t imagine ourselves surviving without it. It is true that it helps us with each aspect in our daily life, but as much as we don’t notice it, technology is causing us some health issues and leading us to anxiety.

According to a new study, over 1 million American high school students spend more time on screens than they do on face-to-face socializing, exercise, homework, and non-screen activities.

The worst part about this is the study found out a decrease in their happiness hormone when the kids start doing the screen-based activities, which can affect their brains and relationships.

It is hard to understand how exactly this happens, but psychologists have explained to us briefly how technology can cause a chaos on our mental states, especially on kids. If you noticed that you have been dealing with anxiety a little way too much lately, then this could be one of the possible reasons.

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