This is Why YouTube Deleted over 8 Million Videos


The Google-owned company revealed that they have removed about 8 million videos posted on youtube’s platform between the months of October and December. The company also added that the reason behind this act is that the videos did not respect the company’s guidelines.

Therefore, they had to be removed! The company also said that the majority of the videos were spams or people trying to upload ‘’ adult contents ‘’ that they are not allowed to watch!

Youtube included the information on its first quarterly report saying that they will be making some regular updates that can help enforce their community guidelines and help show the progress they are making in removing the violative contents from the youtube’s platform.

According to what was stated in the report, about 6.7 million of youtube videos were first flagged for review by computer machines and not humans, while 76% of these 6.7 million videos were removed before even users had the chance to see them.

However, this didn’t save Youtube from critics and advertisers who claim that the company has serious troubles in dealing with the offensive and violative contents. They have also expressed their anger about the fact that their ads appeared before videos with violent and extremist content.

This is Why YouTube Deleted over 8 Million Videos© Engadget




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