The 10 Most Elegant Apple Watch Bands of 2017 in the World


Change is an investable fact in our life; you absolutely love to change your style and your everyday clothes, so why won’t you change your Apple watch band too? There are dozens of stylish watch bands that would definitely suit your mood and your clothes, and it will change the way you perceive your Apple watch as well. To make the task easy, we have collected 10 of the most elegant Apple watch bands in the world so you can choose the one that would meet your taste.

The 10 Most Elegant Apple Watch Bands of 2017 in the World

#1 – Apple Sport Band

– A Durable, sweat proof option
– Simple, yet elegant
– Can be washed easily
– Lots of color options

Apple’s Sports Band is an ideal option for people with an active lifestyle, And also those who prefer the silicon simple look over that of fabric or metal. At $49, the Sports Band meets the lowest price for Apple-made brands but offers the same elegant features of other similar expensive options.

#2 – Casetify Saffiano Leather band

– Enrich your leather with vibrant colors
– Much stylish design variety
– More expressive and unique

The Casetify Saffiano Leather band is a perfect choice for people who prefer the clad look. Every variety of these stylish bands displays a similar quality to that of Apple’s most expensive options, and they are available in a wide variety of designs and colors.

#3 – Baseus Apple Watch Band

– Artificial but attractive leather
– A cheaper leather option
– Available in many shapes and colors

The Baseus Band is a different and stylish option from Apple’s leather straps. It looks perfect for all occasions, and it is available in many colors including the amazing Golden buckle, black, white, and other attractive colors that meet all tastes. Also, it is the most exceptional leather band with an acceptable price and many flexible shapes.

#4 – Apple Nike Sport Band

– A vibrant sport variant
– Breathable design
– Can be washed easily

The Nike Sports Band is an aerated option from Apple that offers a breathable experience if you sweat profusely. It is only available in mega-active colors, the dotted design is a clear reflection of the innovative collaboration between Apple and Nike, but it doesn’t display much branding and priced the same as other typical Sports Bands in the market.

#5 – Apple Woven Nylon

– A royal, innovative look for AW
– Soft and comfortable
– Available in many designs and colors

The Apple’s Woven Nylon variety is completely different from other watch bands. It suits people who prefer something a bit traditional but royal. The name Woven Nylon reflects the Band’s comfortable and soft features that withstand the test of time. It is available in many options with solid colors or multi-vibrant colors which display a remarkable look for all occasions.

#6 – Clockwork Synergy Classic Nato Bands

– Attractive design
– Big variety with many colors options
– Low cost

The Clockwork Synergy Classic Nato option reflects a charming casual look that is quite similar to Apple’s Woven Nylon but with a more acceptable price. This band variety is generally the top lightweight and comfortable option when compared to other leather or stainless steel options. Also, the NATO band is about half the cost of Apple’s version which makes it a good choice for people who prefer to have many different color options with the same attractive design.

#7 – Hoco Original Stainless Steel Strap Buckle

– Amazing stainless steel design
– Similar to Apple’s exceptional styling
– Comfortable

Hoco Original Stainless Steel band is a perfect option for people who opt for a link bracelet with an acceptable budget. This band variety is generally the most preferred by businessmen who opt for a practical, comfortable and charming stainless steel band design.

#8 – Grovemade Leather Band

– A casual, classy band
– Available in different colors
– Price is a bit expensive

The Grovemade Leather Band is a classy option that looks more like a traditional timepiece with a casual design. It is made with American vegetable-tanned leather which is the most practical leather band that stands the test of time. The Grovemade leather band is one of the most popular options that meet several tastes.

#9 – Apple Classic Buckle

– A charming look
– A fancy choice
– Expensive
– Available in three main colors

You might find that the Woven Nylon band a perfect choice, but you would absolutely change your mind after seeing the leather-clad Classic Buckle variety. It is a fancy band with a charming look that is available in multiple colors of good leather for $149. It is the ideal option for those who prefer a more special look, with comfortable and soft features.

#10 – Apple Milanese Loop

– An exceptional look
– Breathable, comfortable
– Innovative design

The Milanese Loop Band is the most exceptional option of Apple’s Watch Bands with an innovative design. With the same price as the Classic Buckle, the Milanese Loop reflects an elegant and simple stainless steel design with two charming colors: black and traditional silver. From the first glance, you will know for sure that this band is the one for you.


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