The 10 Most Excellent Apple Watch Apps for Your Smartwatch


Choosing an excellent Apple Watch app is the best technique to bring your Smartwatch to life. Actually, there are Thousands of impressive apps available to download especially with the latest release of Apple Watch series and WatchOS3.

So, typically you need to browse through a long list on the App store and there is no way to know what are the best ones for your Smartwatch. To make life a bit easy, we have collected the most excellent Apple Watch apps that would definitely change your routine into an active process.

The 10 Most Excellent Apple Watch Apps for Your Smartwatch


#1 – Keynote

Price: Free

The Keynote app is the most practical tool for people who do a lot of presentations. The typical way of displaying your information is via a computer or iPad. But, using Keynote would make your presentation simple and easy; it is the best app to create a remarkable and successful presentation, besides adding impressive charts, Photos, and including cinematic effects, you can play your presentations directly from your Smartwatch and move to the next slides with a simple tap.

#2 – AeroPress Timer

Price: $4.99

You may consider it a useless app, but many people would appreciate knowing the best way to make a delightful cup of coffee. AeroPress Timer is a helpful and a well-designed app that actually works for only one thing but it makes it in a perfect way.

The app’s major function is to help you make an ideal cup of coffee, it takes you step by step during the process and gives you recommendations about how much coffee to use, when to steep, when to stir, and when it’s time to take a sip of your beloved cup of coffee.

AeroPress Timer also includes the directions needed to make typical recipes for three or more cups. So if you are a caffeine lover you would appreciate having everything you need on your wrist.

#3 – Pennies

Price: $3.99

Pennis is a recent Apple Watch app that helps you managing your budget and controlling your spending process. It is absolutely a perfect app for your business travel or holidays when you can set a weekly, monthly, and custom budgets tracker that works for multiple currencies just on your watch.

You just need to register the amount that you have spent vs. a particular budget. The app would recalculate how money you’ve got left and would give recommendations about the way you spend your money. It is the perfect way to have an account manager always available on your watch

#4 – Night Sky

Price: Free

If you are obsessed with stargazing or you just feel curious about what’s happening in the sky, then The Night Sky app would absolutely satisfy your needs. It makes a great use of your Apple Watch that tells you information about the wide space and helps you identify the stars with also an eclipse reminder. So you can follow the sky movements directly on your wrist with the brightest display you have ever seen.

#5 – Deliveries

Price: $4.99

Have you ever missed a delivery? Have you ever been pissed off about that especially when you are hungry? Well, Deliveries is the perfect app that would help you overcome those annoying things. It tracks the top popular packages including US Postal Service, FedEx, TNT, UPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail and many others, the app can add delivery dates to the calendar in order to remind you, and it records previous deliveries in case you need them later. It is useful for people who do frequent online shopping and also for those who need to transfer things safely to their relatives.

#6 – Clicker

Price: Free

Generally speaking, Apple brands are considered like the top Hungry Caterpillar of tech, which would make you rely totally on your device. So if have several issues with the counting process, Clicker is the ultimate solution for you. The app helps you count days, drinks, laps, people or anything else you need to quantify. Just tap on the flat screen, register your data and Clicker would do all the work, the app is able to record up to 2,147,483,647 taps accurately and effectively.

#7 – Elevate Dash

Price: Free

Elevate Dash is a brilliant brain training app where you can practice useful things that will enhance your memory skills. Also, Elevate is designed to ameliorate your cognitive skills that boost your productivity, self-confidence, and critical thinking, you just need to pass all the tasks selecting the correct meaning of words and so on, and the app would calculate your brain capacities and skills.

#8 – CARROT Fit

Price: $3.99

CARROT Fit is the most different yet exciting fitness tracker app you would ever have in your Smartwatch. The app uses an exceptional approach to motivate you losing weight and getting healthier. To achieve that it offers many punishing exercises accompanied by unusual threats, bribes and some weird recommendations. CARROT Fit is absolutely the most entertaining fitness tracker that you would enjoy using for sure.

#9 – Knock

Price: $5.99

Knock is the most reliable app when it comes to remembering complicated passwords or even forgetting them. Whether you are using a MacBook Pro or an iMac and you find it really difficult to remember their unique passwords, the Knock app would ultimately help you unlock your Macs with a simple tap. The Apple Watch app works with a Low Energy Bluetooth connector that uses extremely small amounts of energy so it prevents killing your watch’s battery and it also stops working in sleep mode.

#10 – Buy Me A Pie!

Price: $24.99

Buy Me A Pie is the top useful app that would help you organize your long shopping list just on your Smartwatch. Besides its attractive well-organized design and bright colors, the app does amazing job synchronizing all shared iOS devices with your shopping list so your partner could share and add all missing items to the list on their iPhone and Sync them automatically to your Smartwatch. It is absolutely a great app that would relieve you from using the Post notes when you go to the supermarket.


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