The Best Smoke Detectors To Buy In 2018



Nest Protect

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It’s true that the Nest Protect is expensive, still, it is considered one of the best! And what makes it a good one is the fact that it doesn’t only sound an alarm when it detects something, but also tells you exactly in which room the alert is actually coming from as well as specifying the nature of the alarm.

Moreover, this smart smoke detector has a LED ring right on the bottom of the alarm that can change color and provide you with a visual cue. The Nest Protect comes in two different versions, namely, wired and battery-powered.

And what’s special about it is that it can even work with a wide range of smart-home devices. For instance, if an emergency takes place, the Nest Protect will automatically turn on the lights in your house to make it easier for you and your loved ones to escape and find your way out.

What Owners Say About This Smart Smoke Detector?

Almost the majority of owners do compliment the Nest Protect’s performance and highest compatibility with other smart home devices. In fact, Nest has an average of 4.8 stars from more than 1.200 reviews.

‘’The best thing about The Nest Protect is its ability to tell exactly where the smoke is coming from. If I were sleeping on the fourth floor, it would tell me that the smoke is coming from the living room’’ added a reviewer.




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