Here Are 7 Amazing Car Features You Probably Didn’t Know You Have!

    Last Updated on September 24, 2020

    It is said that men are crazier about their cars than women are, but that is not true. Women are also just as crazy about their cars as men. It is a passion that both have in common.
    And that passion is not limited to cars, but also to extras, especially car safety features. There are car features for all tastes, but most people don’t know some of the most spectacular ones that may already be installed in your car. Find out what they are next:

    1. Gas Tank Locator: Left or Right?

    There are things that are right in front of your nose on the car’s dashboard and you can’t see them, no matter how many times you’ve looked in that direction. This is the case with the gas tank locator.

    We are not referring to the appearance of the light itself because everyone sees it and knows that, unfortunately, it means that it is time to “pour a drink” into the car! We are referring to the side where the gas tank is located.

    Have you ever forgotten which side of your car’s gas tank is on? Or when you go on vacation and rent a car, do you know which side the deposit is located on? Well, the truth is that the light that tells you that your car is low on gas also tells you which side the gas tank is. The reserve light is positioned on the left or right of the instrument panel, depending on the location of the respective gas tank.

    2. Computerized Driving Assistance Systems

    Today’s cars are increasingly equipped with the most advanced driving assistance systems. Many of them accompany the original vehicle, while others are optional, but the truth is that they all constitute the best new car features of all time. There are numerous computerized features that a car with an assistant driving mode should have, such as:

    • Parking Assistance: helps you with parallel parking – which for many, is a headache!

    • Hill Assist Descent Control: automatically prevents the vehicle from accelerating too far downhill, allowing you to have more control.

    • Active Brake Assistance: warns you of imminent collision situations and helps you to halt whenever you are too close to another vehicle or obstacle.

    • High Beam Assist: assists you in controlling low beam and high beam lights and vice versa. If no one is on the road at night, this system automatically switches on the high beam for an unobstructed view of the traffic space.

    • Tire Pressure Assistance: helps you monitor the tire air pressure, informing you if it is too low or at risk of puncture.

    • Advanced Intelligent Cruise Control: this feature is part of the cars with self-driving features. It helps you control the constant speed and distance from the vehicle that is rotating in front of you when accelerating and automatic braking.

    And there are many other computerized driving assistance systems that your car can have, such as driver attention alerts, blind spot detection, 360º cameras, among other extraordinary safety features. Everything depends on the money you want to invest in your next car.

    3. Warning Indicators of Adverse Outdoor and Road Conditions

    The dashboard in your car has many other warning lights that give you valuable information on the condition of your vehicle, as well as adverse outdoor and road conditions.
    One such example is the appearance of light that resembles a snowflake that indicates that the outside temperature is too low and that this may be sufficient to find frozen roads on your route.

    This information is extremely valuable for you to adopt a more defensive driving and to be more protected and safeguarded from the dangers that you may encounter on the road where you drive. You should always be very careful when this light comes on, especially if there are other occupants inside the car.

    4. Conversation Mirror to Keep Your Eyes on the Road

    Many cars have a small convex mirror inside so that the driver can see everything that goes on in the rear. It is above the central mirror, which allows you to see everything forward – towards the road and the other cars in traffic, and behind to monitor children’s play, for example.

    5. Sensors to Control Stability

    Cars with electronic stability control, as the name implies, contribute to greater stability and control of the vehicle’s road travel and this is an invaluable asset when it comes to the safety of the car and its passengers.

    That light that appears on the instrument panel with the car skidding is an indicator that tells you that the stability sensor has been activated to keep your car steady and narrow and is very useful when you are driving on a wet and icy road.

    These stability sensors can tell you if your car is turning too far (causes the car to turn on itself) or if it is not turning enough (makes the car turn too late) and triggers an anti-lock brake sensor to control curves.

    When the days are colder, it is when you are more likely to see this light on in your car’s instrument panel.

    6. Anti-Lock Brakes to Control Vehicle Stop

    Cars with best safety features are all equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and this is a button that is found on the car’s instrument panel. In addition to being one of the most important accessories for braking and car safety, it is also one of the most appreciated by drivers – especially those who have driven cars in the past when the wheels were locked when braking.

    What is the anti-lock braking system? This is a braking system that prevents the wheel from locking and skidding when the brake pedal is stepped on, which increases the control and stability of the vehicle.

    ABS pumps the brakes for you and with the help of sensors, you can manage the operation of the wheels for greater traction. If you notice any malfunction in your car’s brakes, don’t hesitate to take it to a repair shop because any carelessness can be fatal.

    7. Storage Space, Hooks, and Handholds

    If you compare car features, you will notice that there are accessories that are present in all car manufacturers. All of them are concerned with offering extra storage space to store things, such as house keys, wallet, cell phone, among other equipment. This accessory can be next to the instrument panel, under the seat or between seats, among other places.
    Hooks are also an asset because they can hold shopping bags, clothes or even suitcases without these objects falling over in the car.

    Hand grips are also not to be excluded because in addition to helping to have a more correct posture when someone bumps, they are extremely useful to assist the entry and exit of people with reduced mobility in a car.

    These are some of the most extraordinary car features that your car can have and that you probably may not know about. There are many other and increasingly advanced features to ensure your safety on the road. But never forget: always drive with maximum safety.


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