10 of the Best TVs You Can Buy this Year


    10 of the Best TVs You Can Buy this Year©theempire

    Which TV should you buy? We’ll help you get your hands on the best one money can buy in 2019.

    To get the very best TV currently available on the market, you have to splash the cash. But money’s tight. Also, this is a pretty large investment and you cannot be 100% sure you’re actually getting the best TV.

    In this case, you may shop online, but then another problem arises: When shopping for TVs online, the countless reviews, as well as the diversity of options and features that are getting incrementally better all the time, can be overwhelming.

    Don’t wait for next year’s bigger, brighter TV. Some of the best screens are already being sold now. Not sure which TV you should buy?

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    Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Eclipse

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    – Marvelous picture quality.
    – Dolby Vision HDR support.
    – Reflective screen.
    – Limited viewing angle.

    What’s not to like? This smart TV looks great, sounds great, and is beautifully designed. The B&O BeoVision Eclipse has it all but only worth buying if you’ve got thousands of dollars to burn, specifically, $9,995 for the 55-inch model and $15,595 for the larger, 65-inch model. If you can easily afford it, this TV is just perfect. (It will fit fabulously in your fancy home setup!)

    TCL P-Series (55P607) – 2017

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    – Colorful, bright HDR.
    – Amazing Roku TV.
    – Upscaling isn’t one of the best.
    – Black level performance is poor.

    TCL’s 55P607 is 2017’s best wallet-friendly TV. Manufacturers have excelled at creating a great performing TV at an affordable cost. It’s the first time LED LCD achieves this perfect balance.

    TCL’s P-Series 55P607 does exactly the same, offering powerful technology in an affordable package that will get even cheaper later on. This is the right TV for you if you like bright, colorful TVs that have the latest display technologies.

    LG OLEDB7 Series – 2017

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    – Great image quality.
    – Full HDR support.
    – Brilliant smart platform.
    – Doesn’t have a Dolby Atmos passthrough.
    – Average onboard audio.

    LG’s impressive B7 is the most affordable of all OLEDs on this list. But to hit the wallet-friendly cost, LG has compromised on sound. Technically, LG B7 includes Dolby Atmos but when played via its average speakers, the technology would lack its awesomeness.

    But thankfully, you can plug in an external sound system, which is highly recommended. By doing so, you’ll save money and at the same time enjoy every bit of the B7’s impressive talent.

    LG OLEDE7 Series – 2017

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    – Stunning, high-contrast pictures.
    – Extremely slim design.
    – A bit of brightness-related noise.
    – Increased brightness in LCD TVs.

    OLED is constantly getting better. Although it looks like a million dollars, the OLEDE7 is rather affordable. You can choose from two iterations: 55 or 65 inches. Choosing the less costly option instead of the fabulous-but-pricey OLEDW7 means you have to sacrifice the W7’s flexible and insanely thin screen, the speaker system, and the external control box.

    Yet, the OLED E7 still offers an integrated soundbar with Dolby Atmos support, LG’s brilliant webOS smart system, an above all, the same picture quality as its more costly counterpart. So, the E7 OLED can wonderfully fin in every home theater.

    Sony Bravia X900F Series – 2018

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    – Smooth direct LED (with local dimming).
    – Fantastic motion handling.
    – Modestly elegant design.
    – Slightly-dim HDR.

    This is the HDR flatscreen you’ll definitely want to own if you can’t afford other fantastic-but-costly TVs. The X900E series come with stunning 4K image clarity, direct LED backlight, and powerful SDR-to-HDR remastering.

    The consistency of the X900F’s images is splendid, the vibrancy of the wide color gamut panel is eye-popping, and the easy-to-watch HDR will allow you to enjoy spectral highlights without any eye fatigue.

    Sony Bravia A1E OLED – 2017


    – Superb picture quality.
    – Astonishing, monolithic design.
    – Advanced and wonderful sound.
    – Lack of brightness.

    Sony’s new OLED is available in both 55 and 67-inch iterations. Overall, the A1 OLED series can please you in many different ways. Their picture design has been realized in a gorgeous way, being both simultaneously subtle and dramatic.

    Plus, the awesome screen offers an incredibly powerful and innovative sound performance. But what’s truly amazing is the A1’s contrast-rich, colorful, and exquisitely detailed pictures.

    LG Signature Series W7 OLED – 2017


    – Unbelievably thin design.
    – Great contrast, clarity, and color.
    – Future-proof HDR.
    – Motion handling issues.

    This TV is truly unique. The LG W7 OLED is not only one of the thinnest TVs in the world but it’s also one of the most beautiful. There are two models you can choose from: 65 and 77-inch. It really shines when provided the right type of content (4K HDR10 or Dolby Vision video.)

    The super-slim design, however, isn’t the most amazing feature about the LG W7 OLED, there’s also the Dolby Atmos soundbar, the magnetic mounting system, 4 types of HDR support, and the new web OS 3.5 operating system.

    This insanely beautiful TV has its flaws as well, including issues with motion handling, its price tag, and soundbar problems, but it’s one of the best TVs when it comes to sheer picture performance.

    Sony XBR-Z9D Series – 2016

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    – Splendid HDR picture quality.
    – Striking backlight.
    – Android TV feels slow.
    – Good enough audio.

    The Sony XBR-Z9D is available in 65, 75, and 100-inch iterations. This amazing TV succeeded at combining the spectacular brightness of LCD technology and a backlight arrangement which is incredibly similar to the magnificent light control of OLED technology.

    What’s more, the 65Z9D also offers the new version of Sony’s reliable Triluminos color technology and Sony’s latest video processing system.

    LG C7 OLED Series – 2017

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    – Spectacular high-contrast pictures.
    – Stunning ultra-thin design.
    – Amazing operating system.
    – Less brightness versus LCD.

    The LG OLED C7 is available in 55 and 65-inch iterations. It has made it to the top of our list because it offers incredibly better brightness and light control than last year’s C6, which makes it a class-leading dynamic range performer that also possesses OLED’s high standard dynamic range abilities.

    Moreover, it comes at an affordable price, making it one of 2018’s best TVs. Although there are other amazing OLEDs, the OLED C7 has the best balance between the price and performance of all TVs. This sounds like an absolutely great deal.

    Samsung Q9FN QLED – 2018

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    This could be the best TV ever!

    – Splendid HDR picture quality.
    – Excellent sound.
    – Nice smart system.
    – The viewing angles are limited.

    Samsung’s QLED technology has made a stylish comes back this year, being more colorful and brighter than the 2017’s equivalent model. Samsung’s 2018 screens use an entirely different lighting system to fight contrast issues, with Full Array Local Dimming instead of edge-lit LED lighting.

    These features aren’t the only ones that make Samsung Q9FN the best TV on the market, there’s also technology like Q HDR EliteMax and HDR10+ and this might be Samsung’s most irresistible TV ever.

    Finally, we can say with confidence that if a TV you’re looking at doesn’t support at least one of the most important standards: Ultra HD, Wide Color Gamut, and HDR (HDR10, or even better, Dolby Vision), you should simply walk away.


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