At last, Here are the Best of PlayStation VR Games Worldwide


PlayStation VR is one of the greatest inventions of our time. If you have one, you would probably live one of the most remarkable experiences in your life as soon as you wear the headset. However, we all have been waiting for Sony’s latest PlayStation VR headset and it’s finally here with the full list of the most remarkable games that you can play or “live”. In fact, Sony has released an excellent collection of VR games that satisfy all tastes.Click through the slides for our best picks of games for the platform.

At last, Here are the Best of PlayStation VR Games Worldwide


#1 – Farpoint

– The price: $49.99/$79.99
– Developer: SIEA/Impulse Gear
– Does not require Move Controllers

Would you like to practice more your shooting skills? Well The Farpoint VR is the best occasion to do so; you can take advantage of Sony’s latest gun controller via which you can hit the targets through alien environments. Also, you can explore the area while you are trying to avoid the incoming fire when you seek your goal.

#2 – Resident Evil 7

– Price: $60
– Developer: Capcom
– Does not require Move Controllers

Resident Evil is the top exciting game on this list. The next version of the long horror game series takes the adventure for the first time in the first person. Also, you can play its entire 18 hours in VR, which means that it is one of longest VR games available so far. But you need to be brave enough to make it this way since Resident Evil 7 is the scariest game, particularly in virtual reality.

#3 – Star Wars: Battlefront – X-Wing VR Mission

– For Free if you own Battlefront
– Developer: Criterion / DICE
– Does not require Move Controllers

Star Wars Battlefront’s X-Wing VR mission is the ideal example of what VR is qualified for. The adventure takes only 20 minutes but it is the top fantastic third of an hour ever. It puts you directly in the cockpit of a sophisticated X-Wing plane which transfers you directly into the amazing universe of Star Wars.

#4 – Statik

Statik is one of the most intelligent VR games available now. Every level is a unique experience where you play as a research member who finds himself/herself trapped inside several contraptions and you should find a way to escape from all contraptions and solve all puzzles. The game is expanded by Little Nightmare developers Tarsier Studios.

#5 – Rez Infinite

– Price: $30
– Developer: Enhance Games
– Does not require Move Controllers

Have you ever guessed that the 15-year-old game would stand the test of time to become one of the most popular games in Sony’s VR headset? Well, it did it! The game is always capable of putting you in the “Zone”, but with VR headset, Rez Infinite is absolutely hypnotic, you just get immersed in the futuristic landscape where you have to shoot down polygonal criminals that keep tracking you. The insane speed of the game can increase your concentration and also would make you lose track of the real world. Fortunately, it is a short VR adventure at just an hour long.

#6 – Batman: Arkham

– Price: $20
– Developer: Rocksteady Studios
– Does not require Move Controllers

Batman: Arkham VR is the best platform game which demonstrates one of the top amazing visual effects in PlayStation VR. It offers a unique adventure in the whole world where you dress up as the Batman and start chasing criminals throughout Gotham city. Also, you will stand for the first time in your life in front of the Joker and look closely at his beady bright green eyes before starting your most epic fight ever!

#7 – PlayStation VR Worlds

– Price: $40
– Developer: London Studio
– It requires Move Controllers

The PlayStation VR Worlds is the most innovative experience that would make you get the headset without any simple thinking. Sony’s determination to include it in the list of games was one of the most brilliant decisions of the company. The game is just amazing with the exceptional ability to make you dive into virtual reality and react directly with the most unique and fictional creatures you may see in your whole life.

#8 – Battlezone

– Price: $50
– Developer: Rebellion
– Does not require Move Controllers

The Battlezone is the top remarkable VR adventures. It is a funny, fast and furious experience that you would absolutely enjoy. You just need to pick up one tough tank to drive during your 2 hours journey. You need to be fast enough to escape all barriers and enemies to start another enthusiastic level in a totally new landscape.

#9 – The Playroom VR

– Price: Free
– Developer: Sony
– Does not require Move Controllers

The Playroom VR would melt the coldest heart; it is the funniest game ever where you can interact in a realistic way with little robots. The game looks like a Mario Party game where you play with a large crowd of players, and get lost in a weird world full of unusual creatures and robots.


– Price: $30
– Developer: kokoromi
– Does not require Move Controllers

SUPERHYPERCUBE is an intelligence stimulation game where you need to rotate blocks to make them fit through a particular size or shape. The more you succeed the more it gets harder. The main purpose of the game if to make you feel more the shape of the cube from all angles before putting it in the right place, and it gets more exciting whenever you move forward. Well, the top enjoyable thing about the game is its virtual reality feature.


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