5 Household Appliances That Will Cost You Less To Fix Than Replace!


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#1 – Washing machine

When your washing machine starts to act up, for example, stopping mid-cycle, leaking, performing poorly, or making unusual noises, you know it’s time to make a decision: either fix it or replace it.

If you decide to fix your washing machine, it may cost you over $200, but if you want to replace it with a newer brand model, it may cost you more than $1,400.

Sometimes it’s wiser to replace a broken appliance, especially if it is too old and giving you too many problems. In this case, if your washing machine is ancient and broken, it must be time for a change!

There are excellent washing machine brands out there if you can afford them, such as Bosch washing machine series, Whirlpool washing machines, the famous Samsung 6.2 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine, and Electrolux washing machine models: 9kg UltimateCare™ 500 Washing Machine, and the 8kg UltimateCare™ 500 Washing Machine.

#2 – Microwave

Fixing a broken microwave will cost you less money than buying a new one. The average cost of microwave repair ranges between $100 and $195—according to the U.S. Appliance Repair Affordability, Reliability, and Seasonality Report.

Meanwhile, the price of a high-end RCA microwave or Toshiba microwave can reach up to $800. High-end countertop or built-in microwave ovens can cost up to $1,000 or $2,000.

Think about how much money you will be able to save! That is why it can be better to fix appliances than replace them with new ones.

#3 – TV

Television is another appliance that can be cheaper to fix than replace.

A smart LED television of a reliable brand like LG, Samsung, or Sony will cost you up to $2,496, whereas an LED, plasma and LCD TV repair cost can range between $200 and $300.

If the TV is more than five years old and gives you issues, it can be a good idea to replace it. You also deserve to enjoy televisions with newer features and better picture quality and sound!

#4 – Dishwasher

It costs about $204 or more to repair a broken dishwasher. In case your dishwasher is a newer model of brands like Electrolux or Bosch, it may cost over $700 to repair.

If you think that’s too much, you should know that you’ll have to buy a reliable dishwasher for $1,000 or more!

Again, if your dishwasher is too old, replacing it with a newer and better one is the smartest choice.

You can try dishwasher brands like LG Front Control Dishwasher at $409, Whirlpool at $500 or less, or Amana built-in dishwasher at $389.

#5 – Refrigerator

The average repair cost of refrigerators with freezer and icemaker issues can be around $200 or more. However, some bigger problems with the fridge’s fan or drip pan may cost up to $700.

That is when you should consider if it’s worth fixing or replacing.

If you’ve come to the decision of replacing your old fridge and are unsure about which brands to consider, you can try reliable brands like LG 45 Litre Single Door Refrigerator with the latest technologies, Whirlpool Side-by-Side refrigerator, or Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator.

Those are some of the best refrigerator brands, both for people who live alone and a family of four.

Sometimes fixing household appliances or any other appliances can prove to be cheaper to fix and save you from investing more money in replacing them. But, at other times, wasting money to fix something you can replace at a cheaper price is just not that smart of a move!



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