10 Of The Most Destructive Viruses That Can Ruin Your Android Phone


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Android smartphones are one of the most appreciated mobile phones out there. They are easy to use, cheap and maintain decent quality. However, what most android users don’t realize is that their phone’s virus protection is rather vulnerable and that Android viruses can easily attack Android devices; no matter how much expensive is the smartphone or the tablet.

You may download an application one day and run it in your phone without even realizing it’s a malicious app until it’s too late; sometimes you may not even realize it since many viruses or malware run in the background of your Android device.

Still, having a virus doesn’t necessarily mean that your phone is ruined- there could be some minor effects such as a slight decrease in your battery life. However, sometimes it could be detrimental and leads to serious problems without your Google virus protection having a saying in the matter.

Sometimes, the best Antivirus software cannot hinder the effect, and viruses may end up stealing your personal information, personal photos, and videos or even passwords.

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