8 Coolest Smartphone Hacks That Will Change Your Life!


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Smartphones truly are amazing. Regardless of your phone brand, price tag, and operating system (whether it is an iPhone or an Android phone), this small device that fits in your pocket contributes to making your life easier.

Either by allowing you to work from anywhere, giving you access to the internet, helping you perform daily tasks, or simply by providing tons of hours of entertainment, smartphones have changed our lives forever. And to think that we used to have this device just to make and receive calls… It is fascinating how far we have come in such a short period of time.

If you are someone who is constantly holding the smartphone on the palm of their hands, then this article is definitely for you. The tricks and hacks we are about to show you will elevate your smartphone game and guarantee that you make the most out of your electronic device.

1. Use your phone as a remote control

You can easily turn your smartphone into a universal remote control. This is especially useful for those who have several devices in the living room and a stack of remote controls. Just download a remote control app such as AnyMote and set it up properly.

You will be able to control anything from your smart TV to your air conditioning system and video game console.

Additional tip: when your TV remote control is malfunctioning (it happens frequently and is always so annoying), you can use your smartphone camera to check if it is sending out infrared signals.

Open the camera app and point it to the remote controller’s end while pressing any button. If it is working properly, you’ll be able to see the infrared light clearly on your phone’s screen.

2. Get better audio while recording a video

We all know that the built-in microphone on our smartphones is far from being great. That is why when we try to record a video outdoors the final result is often completely ruined by the poor audio quality – especially on windy days.

But there is something you can try to overcome this problem. When holding the smartphone and recording a video, place your hand in a way that covers the area around the microphone. This will prevent it from capturing unwanted background noises, giving you a sharp and crisper sound.

3. Use the smartphone as car keys

You can transform your smartphone into a car key by using MoboKey. The device costs around 150$ and after being installed in your car you just have to download the app and you don’t need your car keys anymore.

Using advanced Bluetooth technology, MoboKey automatically locks your car, starts the engine, shuts down, and locks the car. You can also start the car and activate the AC remotely. This has to be one of the coolest ways to use your smartphone.

If you want to learn more about the MoboKey system please visit their official website.

4. Create a smartphone recycle bin

When you are managing your files in a Windows computer, you know that if you delete something by accident you can recover it quickly by accessing the recycle bin and restoring the file. Right? That is pretty basic stuff.

However, if you accidentally delete a file from your smartphone it is forever gone. Unless you install a recycle bin for Android.

If such a thing happens to you on a regular basis, you should consider downloading an app called Dumpster. It works in the exact same way as the Windows recycle bin and can save you every time your fat fingers tap to delete the wrong file.

5. Protect your cables

Electronic devices need cables. From power chords and data cables to OTG cables, they are everywhere in your house.

The problem is that they break very easily, especially smartphone charging cables. And it is usually on one of the ends. To add an extra layer of protection, roll out spring at the end of the cable. It will make it much more flexible and will increase its endurance.

6. Keyboard shortcuts

At this point in time we are all used to the smartphone keyboard layout: every day we write a handful of emails, dozens of text messages, and several notes.

But you can improve your typing speed by taking advantage of keyboard shortcuts. How does it work? Simply access your phone’s settings – language & input – personal dictionary and tap on the “+” to start creating your own shortcuts.

For example, you can make the letters, “adrs” and type your full address. The options are endless and can be used for every type of situation.

This is certainly one of the best phone hacks for you to try. As soon as you get used to it, it will save you a couple of precious seconds every time you write an email.

7. Find your smartphone

Imagine the following situation: you are watching TV in your living room when you suddenly feel the urge to check your social media or scroll through Reddit. You look beneath the pillows but your phone isn’t there.

You start looking for it everywhere, in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom… but you can’t find it anywhere. Then, you’re looking for someone to give you a ring, but nobody is home. Uh-oh. Now what?

Don’t panic. The “Find My Smartphone” feature can be used to send a sound signal to your smartphone remotely. Open the Google Device Manager from your laptop and click on “Play Sound”. Your smartphone will start ringing and won’t stop until you find it. Let’s just hope it isn’t turned off.

8. Shutter button tips

There are a couple of annoying problems that appear when handling a smartphone mobile camera. One of them is reaching the shutter button on the bottom of the screen while taking a selfie with just one hand. You can overcome this issue by using the volume up button to actually take the selfie. Simple and effective.

Another great tip is holding the shutter button to take continuous shots. This feature will increase the chances of taking at least one good photo. The only downside is that you have to delete a lot of similar pictures.


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