The Main Reasons Why Emojis Make Communication Better


The Main Reasons Why Emojis Make Communication Better© Pinterest

Since the beginning of smartphones, Emojis have become a global language for all users. The reason why sending an Emoji instead of words is better, technically, is because they save a lot of time and express the real feelings behind each sentence, even the untold words.

In fact, some researchers admit that Emojis are very beneficial when it comes to building relationships. I bet you have the same question as I did when I first heard that, too. How can that be possible?

Sending an Emoji whose eyes are closed because it is laughing too hard that it started crying is not actually the same thing as writing a heartfelt text to your loved one, or even looking them in their eyes as you speak to them, right?

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Apparently, Emojis do have a major advantage. According to Vyv Evans, a British linguistics expert, Emojis can help imitate our facial expressions.

Since texts and emails hardly show the tone of the sender’s words, facial expressions, and his feelings, Emojis come really handy in order to express all of those things the same way we would do in person, only cuter (I believe!).

However, when someone includes a winking smiley into the message, then he made it clear that he is making a light-hearted comment and only joking around in order for the receiver to not take him seriously, and if he sent an angry Emoji with the text, then he is probably pissed and does want to be taken seriously.

Obviously, you don’t need to add twenty laughing/crying Emojis to show that you truly find the joke or the meme funny. But sometimes, Emojis are very helpful when it comes to relating a feeling or an intention. In fact, our phones are packed with Emojis that can illustrate all feelings including disbelief, suspicion, contempt, amusement, and shock.

Furthermore, there are Emojis of all different fruits, homes, transportations, animals, and many more. In fact, you can even send Emojis of cakes and fireworks when it is someone’s birthday. It is ridiculously amazing! Still not convinced?

You can visit that had its own research about this matter. They surveyed many American women and men, and then found out that singles that use Emojis often tend to go on a lot of successful dates and even get laid more often! These results are a great motivation for all the singles out there to start including a smiley face every now and then.

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My personal favorite part is that Emojis can help any shy person to express his emotions, whether good, bad or even dirty, only by sending a couple of Emojis. It turned out that they don’t only help singles, but also the “shy” singles.

However, Emojis may teach us a little laziness, create a lazy generation, and leads us to a time when we don’t want to make any effort anymore to express our thoughts and feelings, but honestly, they have a great advantage over typical text-based communication. Do you know that you can write a whole meaningful sentence using only Emojis? Yes, that’s right.

To sum up, Emojis are very fun and expressive. The fact that we are using them is helping us to decrease the amount of misunderstanding that usually occurs while texting, especially between couples.

So, remember to throw an Emoji or two when writing a text or while leaving a sarcastic comment on someone’s post. It is the perfect way to let people know how you truly feel, without wasting any precious minutes typing and retyping.



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