This Is How To Look For Someone On Facebook Using Their Picture



What to do when you are trying to reach out to a person but the only thing you have is his or her picture? The answer is in one of the most visited Google sites, which is the Google web address for images.

Although the social network has a great face recognition feature included (which can be beneficial in tagging people on pictures), the Facebook search tool doesn’t provide you with any way to look for your people with only their pictures, so there is no Facebook photo finder for people.

That’s why you need to opt for alternatives. The official Google website is actually better at finding people through their pictures than Facebook; since, obviously, the Google Company has access to every major social media template on earth and not just Facebook.

In this article, we will show you different methods of how to search for photos on Facebook using Google.


Method 1:

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The most practical and powerful way to look for people using a picture that you possess is through Google search using the following steps:

1. Go to your web browser.

2. You can open the Google home site and then click on images, or type on the address bar.

3. click on the camera icon which will reveal the search by image tools.

4. Upload the image you want to use for your search.

Then the Google website will carry out a search throughout the web for your image. Fingers crossed you’ll be lucky and you’ll find your friends on Facebook.

Otherwise, you’ll have to scroll through pages of results to find the man or woman you are looking for. Usually, you need to look among the results under the: Pages that include matching images.

Method 2:

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You can potentially make this search more specific by specifying the website you want to be looking in. for instance, you can upload the image in the Google web page mentioned above and type into the search bar, then, press enter/return.

This will narrow your results to include only what the search engine finds on Facebook, which supposed to make it easier for you to find the person on the social network.

Method 3:

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You also have the possibility to find someone using the image’s URL. This can lead to more precise results than carrying out a search using a picture saved on your computer. That’s why you should carry out a search using an URL even if you have already done it using the methods above.

1. Go to your web browser.

2. You can open the Google home site and then click on images, or type on the address bar.

3. click on the camera icon which will reveal the search by image tools.

4. past the URL into the search bar.

5. Click On Search By Image.

Again, searching using this method will reveal a number of Google pages, starting with the most general first. For instance, if the image contains a woman, tree or any type of objects, the website will provide its best guess with images that contain the same object.

Following this, you’ll have page suggestions, visually similar images, and then you’ll find pages that include matching images. And let’s hope those pages include a Facebook page of the person you are looking for.

Method 4:

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You can also carry out a search using an image without opting for the Google home page. There are some websites out there that contain a reverse image search engine that may help you.

One of the most famous tools among these websites is the TinEye, which offers you the possibility to add it as an extension to your browser, as well as to do a simple search using the website home page.

1. Open your browser.

2. Go to

3. Click on the upload button on the left side of the search bar.

4. Choose the photo you’d like to use and run a search.

5. You can also paste the URL of the picture into the search bar.

6. Filter the search results by domain/collection (optional) so that you’ll have more accurate results and write the social network you hope to find the person on.

However, the problem is that TinEye doesn’t have as much access as the Google official website, so it doesn’t always guarantee satisfying results. You can also try other search engines such as Veracity (iPhone app), Bing, Yandex, Who stole my pictures? (Firefox extension)


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