Here Is How To Block Unwanted Numbers On Your Phone And Live Peacefully!


Last Updated on January 14, 2020

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There are plenty of reasons that can push you to block someone on your phone, be it to thwart a stalker reaching out through an unknown number, avoid a crazy ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, or shut off annoying customers, etc.

The ways to block a number vary from one smartphone brand to another, in addition to the fact that some smartphones don’t have a very clear or easy way to use a “block” option, which may leave you no other choice but to change your number.

Fortunately, just one or two web searches on “how to block unwanted calls” can solve that problem for you, and that is why you are here.

On this list, you will find out how to block a number on your Android phone or iOS phone, and even windows phones easily and quickly, and finally, enjoy your eagerly-awaited peace of mind!

#1 – Block a number on an iOS system

Blocking an unwanted call on Apple’s iOS devices is almost as easy as making a call!

All you have to do is access “phone” setting, click on “recent” calls, locate the number you want to block, tap the circle next to it to bring in a screen of options, scroll down to the bottom and finally click on “block this caller” or “block contact,” if the caller is already registered on your contact list.

To block someone from text messages, tap the number to produce a drop-down menu and click on the “Info” option. When the number pops up along with an arrow, tap the arrow and click on the next option saying: “Block this caller.”

Note that blocking a voice call on an iOS device will automatically also block other contact options such as text messages or FaceTime.

#2 – Block a number on an Android system

The process for blocking a number varies depending on the type and age of the Android phone you are using. But here is the common way to block a caller on a newer Android phone:


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