The 8 Best Smartphones of The Moment


The 8 Best Smartphones of The Moment© Pinterest

Many very attractive smartphones have come out this year, with sometimes even intriguing concepts, besides the criteria that can make the difference like the photo capture, the clutter of the telephone or the size of the screen, the price of the smartphone is often the element that conditions the purchase. And on the price argument, the lines have moved in recent years.

Here we are the best smartphones of the moment, those that offer the best performance or best value for money:



Huawei P10

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The successor of the P9, which was already recognized as the king of the selfie, the Huawei P10 is again the best smartphone to capture self-pictures. The fruit of collaboration between Huawei and Leica, its frontal optics allows realizing selfies of a superior quality.

According to Huawei, his camera to selfie would be twice brighter than that of the P9, which was already among the best. The main improvement, however, is the addition of a background blur to isolate the subject from the photo – a feature that was already found on most back-end cameras but never so far on a camera front.

Besides this innovation, the P10 has a very elegant design, a monochrome sensor ultra-efficient, a very good autonomy and a very soft price, compared to the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7, its two main competitors. The icing on the cake, Huawei’s Smartphone is now available in new colors, including blue and green.



OnePlus 3T

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Just a few months after the commercial success of the OnePlus 3 (see our OnePlus 3 test), the Chinese manufacturer is looking to capitalize on its nascent reputation with the new 3T model. Simple refreshment or new model in its own right?

The OnePlus 3T, available from around 440 euros (about forty euros more than its predecessor), initially operates a sharp rise in the range of power: the passage of the Snapdragon 820 to the 821, and d ‘A rate of 2.20 to 2.35 GHz, will make a real difference in the eyes of lovers of gourmet applications and video games.

The OnePlus 3T takes advantage of its new processor, more economical than the old one, to realize a giant step in terms of autonomy: the average duration of use without recharging passes from 7:30 to 10 am, a gain of 30%!

Only small flat: a change of photosensor that seems to make the shots less beautiful and precise when the brightness is weak.



Galaxy A5 (2017)

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With the Galaxy S7 design, the Samsung Galaxy A5 remains one of the most interesting models for the general public, considering its price, of course, but also its performance, both in terms of the fluidity of the interface As far as photography is concerned.

Another very nice asset of this model: the A5, just like the S7 is waterproof and has been designed to withstand the bad weather. Its 16-megapixel front camera also makes it ideal for capturing selfies. The Galaxy A5 2017 is, of course, compatible with 4G networks, and even with 4G + networks of category 6.

The Galaxy A5 2017 must be satisfied with Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. It’s a pity for a terminal launched in 2017! We would have liked to have an Android Nougat, but fortunately, Samsung promises an update to the latter.



Mate 9

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Released a few months ago, the Mate 9 remains an absolutely inescapable model for the big consumers of multimedia content. With its extra-large screen, powerful processor, and dual Leica sensor, the Mate 9 is today the best Android smartphone on the market.

The main innovation, however, is the processor – Kirin 960 – which is able to run the interface ultra-smoothly, even months after unpacking. A strong asset to the consumer.

The Mate 9 is available in many colors: Agate Red, Topaz Blue, Space Gray, Moonlight Silver, Champagne Gold, Mocha Brown, Ceramic White, Black, and Obsidian Black( however, depending on the country, color availability may vary).



iPhone 7 Plus

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A must for consumers, the iPhone is wisely waiting for its next generation to make a generational leap. If the iPhone 7 is not the most successful model, it is nevertheless an excellent choice for all those who have difficulty controlling Android.

The iPhone 7 Plus is probably the most interesting model, with its dual photo sensor, which allows adding a blur effect of background on its photos, and its extra-wide screen, which makes it possible to View movies and videos in optimal conditions.

However, you will have to deal with the disappearance of the so regretted port jack – replaced by a single port Lightning, used both to connect the headphones and to recharge the device.



Moto G5

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An eye on the design reveals a device rather well finished, with the appearance of aluminum on the back. On the front side, the screen borders remain, on the other hand, very broad, this goes against current trends. The result is a rather voluminous case, although the grip is pleasant thanks to the back slightly curved.

The Full HD IPS 5-inch display is fairly good. With a brightness of 476 cd / m² and a contrast ratio of 1,421: 1, the panel displays very satisfactory performance, especially at this price level. It offers good legibility, even outdoors on a sunny day.

We still like to use the Android of the “Moto” (here in its latest version Nougat) because of the little overlay, not invasive chosen by the brand for its smartphones. The brand, however, continues to offer its own functions, such as triggering the camera, when the mobile is in hand, with a simple movement of the wrist.



P10 Plus

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Larger than the P10, but also more efficient in photography, the P10 Plus should primarily interest consumers by its ability to be the first device compatible with the new Proximus 4.5G network, already deployed in several cities of Belgium and especially Charleroi.

The device will allow downloading documents at a speed of 600 Mbps, a rate never reached on mobile. With its four antennas, it will also be much more powerful than a conventional 4G smartphone and will capture a network where other smartphones will not succeed.

No more disconnections in tunnels and the phenomenon of “drifting” on navigation applications



Galaxy XCover 4

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Capable of resisting shocks and splashes, the Galaxy Xcover 4 may not be the fastest smartphone, but it should logically accompany you for a while. Built to last, Samsung’s smartphone also has the tremendous advantage of being more powerful than the more traditional smartphones.

Its camera is capable of taking nice shots, and its processor to run the latest applications without any slowdown. It is also offered at a rate that remains very competitive.



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