This Is How Your Smartphone Is Destroying Your Life



No one can actually deny how smartphones have made our lives easier and much more comfortable. However, this doesn’t mean that smartphones didn’t ruin our lives and made them lonely and miserable. Sadly, most people today are phone addicted and only know a little about the importance of human interactions.

In fact, this not the only issue as many studies have exposed that smartphones can lead to the development of many other serious issues that often go unnoticed and which can have serious consequences on one’s health as well as intellectual development.

Still, we should confess that smartphones are not to be blamed but our bad habits and wrong usage of these smart devices. Still, it’s never too late and we can always avoid these undesirable consequences by being fully aware of them.

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Excessive Phone Usage Makes You A Distant Parent

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Several studies show that spending most of your time checking your phone while neglecting your responsibility as a parent makes from you a distant parent. Let’s face it! Bringing a baby into this life means being fully ready to provide them with enough affection, love, and most of all lot of time.

Kids are a big responsibility and you should always be there to feed them, take good care of them, protect them and spend enough time with them. However, spending the whole day on your phone makes this quite impossible! Therefore, you will end up raising kids that are more attached to Fortnite than you, which is really sad.

In fact, excessive phone usage is considered as a form of ‘maternal withdrawal and unresponsiveness’’. Infants and toddlers need to discover their environment and learn more about it and it is your responsibility as a parent to be with them and help them through the process.

Otherwise, they will be more likely to develop emotional distress, feel unimportant, fail to discover their environment, and might even act out to get the attention they need. So, instead of punishing your kids and shake their self- esteem, you’d rather put your phone down and spend more time with them.

Show them that they mean the world to you, give them love, and help them learn more about themselves and the world they live in.



Screen Time Gives Your Children No Educational Benefits

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Sadly, many parents would prefer to allow their kids to stay in front of tv screens, phones, and tablets the whole day so that they can have enough time to do the housework or speak with their friends on the phone.

But guess what? You might be unintentionally harming your kids. In fact, studies show a very direct link between screen time and delays in expressive speech development.

Children under the age of 5 are found to gain nothing from parking in front of the screen even if what they are watching is an educational video or app. This means that all you do is harm your kid and ruin his/her future.

Toddlers who are under two should be kept away from screens while those between 2 and 5 can be allowed to watch for one hour a day in a condition that they will be supervised by their parent.

Even better, work on helping your kid on developing their skills and improving their hobbies. Take them to the open nature and let them discover the world while enjoying your company.



Navigational Apps Keep You Away From Forming Mental Maps

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There is evidence that navigational apps are eroding one’s cognitive maps. For instance, if you visit a certain place a few times and we asked you to take as us there, you will be able to do it very easily and that’s because you have a ‘’cognitive map’’ of the route in your mind, which scientifically means that you have memorized it.

However, when you use navigational apps, all you do is plug in an address and the app guides through. Therefore, you make no effort in memorizing the road or in learning how all the different routes in town connect. The latter can explain why science has strongly linked smartphone use and poor performance on navigational tasks.

The latter fact is a serious issue as most of the time smartphone users would totally rely on the navigational app and rarely bother to look where it is taking them, which may result in disastrous situations and to have an idea, don’t forget to google ‘’death by GPS.’’



Social Media Apps Are Found To Make Us Sad And Anxious

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According to a study, the average individual spends about 27 minutes using social media apps on a daily basis while only 9 minutes are devoted for apps that focus on health, relaxation, reading and other things that make them feel good and happy.

That’s not everything as the excessive use of social media apps was linked to feelings of loneliness, envy, anxiety, and depression. Social apps may also lead to a decrease in physical health, life satisfaction, and mental health.

Still, social media apps are not to blame as our passive use of these apps is what increase the risks of developing the mentioned issues.



Having Phones Around Can Harm Meaningful Conversations

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When you are having a meaningful conversation with your significant other, a friend, or any member of your family, don’t forget to put your phone aside. And that’s because playing on your phone while somebody is trying to pour their heart out to you can be really rude and will lower the quality of the entire conversation.

Moreover, holding your phone or even placing it on the table while having a conversation can be a problem as it sends the message that you are not interested in the conversation and not even ready to have one.

What we are trying to say is that you should show interest on the person sitting in front of you, engage in meaningful conversations, and only check your phone when the conversation is over!



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