Top 7 Android Night Light Apps You Should Use!


Are you aware that blue light exposure, which refers to the light from electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets, can be very harmful to your health?

It can tire the eyes, affect the circadian rhythm, the sleep cycle, and end up compromising the normal functioning of the brain.

However, to reduce the effects of blue light emanating from your mobile device and continue to watch YouTube videos or browse your favorite social networks, among other activities, before falling asleep, you need to install a night light app.

What are the best night light apps to download? That’s what we’re going to show you next in the seven best night light apps for android you should use.

Find out which ones are below and get more rested about the effects of blue light while touching your Android device before going to bed.

1. Twilight – One of the Most Popular Night Light App

There are currently several blue light filter apps on the Google Play Store that you can download for free, but one of the most popular – and enjoyed by all users with Android equipment is Twilight.

And we’re not talking about any vampire movies featuring actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

The twilight app (blue light filter for better sleep) allows you to successfully block the blue light coming from the screen of your Android tablet or smartphone by applying a red filter to the screen of the respective equipment.

This red filter can be applied automatically or manually and allows you to considerably decrease the screen brightness of your electronic device, which is a unique asset for all who suffer from eye problems.

2. Darker – For Greater Eye Protection!

The darker application is one of the most important screen filters you can have on your smartphone device, as it will protect and care for the health of your eyes in an extremely simple and effective way.

This fantastic application helps to reduce the tension in your eyes, allowing you to have a great night’s sleep and rest.

And that’s because Darker can adjust/lower the brightness of your mobile device’s screen to incredibly low levels and allows you to apply color filters so that there is no damage to your vision.

This application is available in the free version, and in the Pro version, it costs $ 1.99 in the Play Store.

3. SFilter – Blue Light Filter of Choice

SFilter is another free Blue Light Filter of choice that you can download to your mobile device.

It is an extraordinary Android app that allows you to manually or automatically program a blue light filter on your equipment, and at times, you consider most appropriate.

In addition, it should also be noted that the application comes with a widget that allows you to activate/deactivate the filter quickly.

It also supports several color filters (as well as controls for brightness and opacity levels) so that your eyes are always protected and comfortable.

4. Blue Light Filter – For Lovers of Natural Light

Another excellent application that conditions the exposure of blue light that comes from your Android tablet or smartphone is the blue light filter – night mode, night shift.

This application can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and allows you to decrease the brightness of your mobile device’s screen and filter the colors displayed, making them more pure and natural.

Also, you can select the type of natural light you want the respective application to use. And here, there are several types that you can use, such as night shift, sunlight, dawn light, candlelight, the luminosity of a fluorescent lamp, among other lighting sources.

5. Blue Light Filter – Night Mode

How to block blue light? You can purchase a tempered glass protector for your smartphone, silicone glasses, or specific blue light blocking lenses and many other eye protection equipment.

However, the simplest way is to download the blue light filter – night mode application.

It is a free and very practical application where you use the slider to increase or decrease the intensity of the five colors that the app filter provides.

It also offers you a timer that allows you to switch the color palette automatically. It is undoubtedly light and easy to use the blue light filter.

6. Night Owl – For Screen Dimmer & Night Mode Fans

Night Owl – Screen Dimmer & Night Mode is one of the most useful apps to combat any blue light screen on your mobile devices.

It decreases the backlight of your mobile device’s screen and applies a specific color filter so that the colors on your screen always remain vivid and natural.

This blue light protector app has several unique and surprising features, but one that stands out the most is the “advanced filter” that allows you to select the red, blue, or green colors of the night light filter.

7. Night Light mode – The Mode That Is Already Included in Android Smartphones!

It has been scientifically proven that exposure to blue light that comes from the screens of mobile equipment affects the neurons of the retina, and this interferes with the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates circadian rhythms.

Therefore, your electronic devices must protect your eyes most appropriately. And that is precisely what Android smartphones provide their users.

Most smartphones with Android version 7 or higher offer night light mode to filter the blue light from their devices.

Many manufacturers call this feature blue light filter, night care, eye care, comfort view, among other distinct names, but the objective is extremely the same: to protect your eyes from the effects of blue light emanating from the screens of mobile devices.

These are the seven best night light apps for android you should use, and that will always make you feel good and comfortable when touching your Android phone before going to bed.

Only then will you be able to take care of the health of your eyes, have a great night’s rest (without compromising sleep cycles) and be in your best shape and disposition the next day.

Download now one or more of the night light apps that we present here and then tell us the effects that this has had on you.


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