How Would You Know That An ATM Is Hacked



Technology was developed at the beginning to serve humans, but now, it is used as a weapon against them. The most commonly used techno-gadget is your smart mobile phone.

Once this tiny device prevailed in the world, questions of cell phone privacy, cell phone safety, and mobile phone insurance started to pop out in the form of complaints by users.

Their complaints could be also a part of your question on how to secure your mobile phone and get malware protection. As more advent is achieved in the technological field, online banking emerged allowing users to open a business checking account online.

But there is one thing that technology could not realize so far: which is the invention of a personal cash machine at home. Still, you can always withdraw your money through the ATM.

Sadly, Hackers managed to break into the systems of several banks and steal millions from people’s money. How can you tell then that an ATM is hacked? Keep on reading to discover the answer!




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